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Alaska Upland Bird Hunting -


Izembek Lodge

Outfitter: Alan Spalinger
Phone: 1.888.589.2418
Alaska Ptarmigan Hunting Outfitter Alan Spalinger

   Izembek Lodge Alaskan Ptarmigan Hunts Offers~

  • Fast Action Low Elevation Willow Ptarmigan Hunting
  • Premier High Elevation Rock Ptarmigan Hunting
  • All Inclusive Fully Guided Ptarmigan Hunt Packages
  • Unguided Ptarmigan Hunt Packages Available
  • Comfortable Lodging And Delicious Meals Included
  • Also Offering World Class Brandt Hunting
  • Now Taking Reservations For 2014 & 2015 Seasons


Alaska Ptarmigan Hunting

We provide fantastic Alaska Willow and Rock Ptarmigan Hunts. Willow Ptarmigan are found in the lower tundra areas and around alders and willows. The Rock ptarmigan are generally found above 2,000 feet in elevation on rock outcroppings and sides. Flushing retrievers are provided and utilized on the Alaska ptarmigan hunting adventure, but our Alaska upland bird hunters are welcome to bring along their favorite bird dog. Many of the areas hunted for ptarmigan provide scenic views so be sure to bring a camera. With the scenery and terrain, this is truly more than just an Alaska ptarmigan hunt, this will be an experience that will last a lifetime.

Alaska Ptarmigan Hunting -

A Typical Day:

The day starts at 6:00 am with a hot home-cooked breakfast. Just before daybreak we will drive down the old military roads to the ptarmigan hunting location. We then take off and walk the tundra in search of the ptarmigan. On our guided hunts, we usually hunt several different areas each day to ensure that we do not deplete the numbers of upland birds in any one covey. This is a full day's ptarmigan hunt and expect to flush numerous coveys of Ptarmigan throughout the day. Occasionally our Alaska upland bird hunting customers will also want to fish for silver salmon or arctic char as well. After having lunch we continue to hunt until 7 pm. Then we head back to the lodge for a delicious dinner and an evening of relaxation reliving the day's events!

Guided Alaska Ptarmigan Hunts -

ALSO OFFERING: Alaska Brant Hunting

In addition to our Alaska Ptarmigan hunts, we also offer World Class Pacific black brant hunts on the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. The entire population of Pacific black brant fly to the Izembek lagoon to feed prior to heading south for the winter. This is very unique experience and our brant hunters have extremely high success on our black brant hunts. During our guided brant hunts, we also encounter Canada geese and several species of puddle ducks. We can also offer a waterfowl / upland combo hunt.

Alaska Brant Hunting -

Lodging & Meals

Lodging is provided for at the beautiful and comfortable 1,600 foot Izembek Lodge. Three delicious meals per day, all transportation to and from hunting and fishing areas and the use of our bird and fish processing facilities are included as well as all packaging and shipping materials for the harvested game. The menu varies from beef, pork, chicken, or to the catch of the day. Our lodge provides clean, modern and comfortable accommodations for our hunters. We prefer hunting parties of eight or fewer guests. The lodge has laundry facilities and provides bedding for guests.

Hunting Rates And Packages:

5 Day All Inclusive Hunt Package: $3,000 per person

7 Day All Inclusive Hunt Package: $3,500 per person

Fully Guided All Inclusive Daily Hunts: $650 per person
Non-guided Daily Stays at the lodge: $250 per person

Alaska Ptarmigan Hunting Outfitter Alan Spalinger

About The Outfitter:


Izembek Lodge is owned and operated by Al and Barb Spalinger. Al has hunted Alaska upland birds and waterfowl since he was 10 years old. He has lived in Alaska for 35 years and is a retired Alaska Fish and Game biologist. He has hunted and fished the Cold Bay area for the past 20 years. Al built the lodge and began offering his guided ptarmigan hunts over 11 years ago. He continues to enjoy hunting and fishing. Now he is enjoying it with people from around the world.


Izembek Lodge

Outfitter: Alan Spalinger
Phone: 1.888.589.2418

To book this hunt or for detailed information about hunting with Izembek Lodge, please email Alan at:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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