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Arkansas Speck Hunting - HuntTheNorth.comWings of the Prairie Outfitters

Outfitter: Lewie Casper
Phone: 1.888.762.8480
Arkansas Duck Hunting Outfitter George Washington (Right)

Wings Of The Prairie Outfitters Arkansas Speck Hunts Offer

- Rice Capital Of The World Draws A HUGE Concertation Of Specklebellies
- Private Hunts With Freshly Scouted Fields Daily
- Access To Over 90,000 Acres Of Prime Fields
- Season Runs Nov 1- Jan 31
- Also Offering Spring Conservation Hunts And Minnesota Diver Hunts
- 2019 World Championship Spring Snow Goose Conservation Hunt (1,160 Geese In Three Days)
- Now Taking Reservations For the 2021 / 2022 Seasons


Arkansas Specklebelly Hunts:

On your Arkansas Specklebelly hunt you can expect to hear the yodel of the Specs in your sleep long after you go home! With access to over 90,000 acres of rice fields, wheat, corn and many bodies of water we have it all. Having this much land to choose from it ensures quality hunts day in and day out. If you’re looking for a trophy Specklebelly for the wall this is the place to harvest one! Birds are in full color this time of year and you’ll see the barred-up bellies dropping in from a long way up! Planning for your travel, for our Arkansas duck hunts and speck hunts, hunters can fly into little rock or Memphis whichever is better for you! Both airports are about 1.5 hours from the lodge. The lodge is located 40 minutes south of Stuttgart.

Arkansas Speck Hunting -

A Typical Day:

The large majority of the time we hunt mornings unless weather is poor, we always have the afternoon to fall back on. Most hunts take place on our leased rice or wheat fields. Since it’s a bit cooler this time of year the birds typically feed hot and heavy right at sunrise. On the off chance that it’s exceptionally hot they may feed in the afternoon and we will set up for that.  We hunt as close as 10 minutes to an hour away from camp dependent on their feeding patterns.  After the morning hunt, lunch will be ready for you when you get back to the lodge should you choose to include meals in your hunt package. The afternoons are a toss-up, more time than not clients get their limit in the morning and they can relax. On the off chance we didn’t hunt the morning due to weather you can sleep in and we will set up for an evening smash!  Lewie the owner always dedicates part of his staff to scouting the birds for the next day so you won’t have a dull moment in the field.  If hunters want to hunt twice a day ask about our morning Arkansas duck hunt and afternoon Specklebelly hunt!

Arkansas Speck Hunting -

ALSO OFFERING: Minnesota Diver Hunting

Lewie spends the early fall up in Minnesota guiding big water for diver ducks such as Bluebills, Redheads, Ringneck and a whole lot more! Its not uncommon for groups to shoot up to 10 different species in one hunt. Most hunts take place from shore over a large spread of long line decoys. This is a true gentlemen’s hunt that is typically a true banger on the ducks! Lewie also offers goose hunts in the same area of Minnesota for those wanted to chase giants’ honkers out of his custom pit blind! His third hunt offered is spring snow geese in Arkansas. This is the first chance hunters get to turn on the e-callers all fall down in the states and get a crack at the “Juvies”! This is the perfect hunt for large groups as hunters can expect to see large numbers of geese while getting a sore shoulder from the action!

Minnesota Duck Hunting -

Lodging & Meals

Welcome to the lodge! We offer a few different packages for customers. Either an all-inclusive package where all your meals and bird cleaning are taken care of for the hunt. Or hunters can elect to bring their own meals and cook in the lodge themselves!

Typical meals served by our southern style cook!

  • Brisket
  • Steaks
  • Pasta dinner
  • Duck and goose poppers
  • Local southern cooking favorites

Hunting Rates And Packages:

Arkansas Speck & Duck Hunting Rates And Packages

Specklebelly Hunts 
Daily Rate: $250/day/hunter (1 hunt per day)

Duck Hunts
Daily Rate: $250/day/hunter

Duck/Goose Combo Hunt
Morning duck hunt with an afternoon speck hunt: $450/day/hunter

Lodging Added To Your Hunt

All-inclusive Rate Hunt/Lodging/Meals
Lodging and 2 meals per day is $200/person/day on top of your hunt

Just lodging Bring Your Own Meals:

*Hunters can always elect to arrange their own accommodations as well to save a few bucks!
Arkansas Duck Hunting Guide George Washington

About The Outfitter:

Lewie has been guiding since 2012, he’s always got one thing on his mind, geese! He spends the summers up in Alaska as a captain guiding giant halibut and salmon and his fall chasing ducks and geese. Starting off at a young age guiding for a few top-notch outfitters in the industry Lewie learned the professional aspect of the business while developing his own talent of putting big numbers of birds on the ground. In early fall he is in Minnesota guiding duck hunts over big water for divers or in his goose hunting hot pit in Fergus Falls hunting the migrating Canada

geese. In late fall he chases the birds south to Arkansas and hunts Specs and ducks until the spring conservation season opens on snow geese. Hunting waterfowl almost 9 months a year and guiding fish the other 3 some might call Lewie a little obsessed! He’s dedicated to his craft and looking forward to the next adventure with you and your friends!


Wings of the Prairie Outfitters

Outfitter: Lewie Casper
Phone: 1.888.762.8480

To Book This Hunt Or For Detailed Information About Hunting With Wings of the Prairie Outfitters, Please Email Lewie At:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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