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Assassin Hunting Gear
Assassin Hunting Gear Review by HuntTheNorth.comAssassin Hunting Gear Review by HuntTheNorth.comAssassin Hunting Gear Review by

Official Product Review Score: 29 / 30 "A Rating"

  • Functionality 5 / 5
  • Durability 5 / 5
  • Effectiveness 5 / 5
  • Variety 4 / 5
  • Price 5 / 5
  • Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

   A. Functionality -

5 / 5
During our field testing of Assassin Hunting Gear's line of products we were very happy with the functionality of each of the products we used. Each piece of gear was extremely comfortable and stood up against the elements during our South Dakota snow goose hunt. With a full line of colors and camo patters there is something for every hunter to enjoy! Assassin Hunting is at the forefront of apparel made specifically for the avid outdoorsman.

   B. Durability -

5 / 5
The durability of the Assassin Hunting Gear that we used during on a tough South Dakota snow goose hunt was outstanding. The apparel held up through rain, snow, and sleet during our three day hunt. As many hunters know some times you don't have the luxury of being able to properly care for your clothes after they are used from one day to the next. This hunt was no different, having to continually expose the gear to the elements everyday. The durability and performance did not falter one bit during the hunt!

   C. Effectiveness -

5 / 5

The pictures speak for themselves on the effectiveness of the great Assassin Hunting Gear. During our snow goose hunt we were very successful while wearing the Assassin apparel. However, this gear has proven to be successful during the fall waterfowl seasons, big game and turkey season, along with upland bird hunting in the extreme conditions of a Mexico dove hunt! Finding hunting gear that is effective while being comfortable, and that you can use during multiple hunting seasons is hard to find. But Assassin Hunting Gear proves it can Get It Done!

   D. Variety -

4 / 5
Assassin Hunting Gear offers a wide variety of options for every hunter. With a large selection of men's and women's t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, jackets, hats and decals to show you are part of the Assassin Hunting Team! Ranging in colors from black to pink and of course camouflage, in sizes small to 3X-large. The only drawback we found during our test was that there is a limited selection of camo patterns.

   E. Price -

5 / 5
The competitive pricing of Assassin Hunting Gear's products puts them right with any other name in the outdoor apparel industry. With affordable 100% cotton t-shirts from $16, and the Performance Outerwear Soft-Shell Jacket at $85 there are fantastic deals for the outdoor enthusiast!

   F. Overall Product Satisfaction -

5 / 5
Overall we were very satisfied with the performance of all the products we tested from Assassin Hunting Gear. The high quality materials that the gear is made from proved to not only be comfortable, but also tough and made to last! These attributes along with a large variety of selections to find the right gear for you, we are proud to give Assassin Hunting Gear a 5 / 5 for our overall satisfaction score!


- Quality Long Lasting Material

- T-Shirts, Hooded Sweatshirts,
   Jackets, Hats, & Decals

- Men's And Women's Hunting Gear

- Large Selection Of Colors

- Gear For Any Hunting Situation

- Competitive Pricing On All Products

- Great Staff Dedicated To Your Satisfaction

Assassin Hunting Gear Review by
High Performance Quality Apparel For Any Hunting Season
Wide Selection Of T-Shirts, Hats, Jackets, Hoodies & Decals
Assassin Hunting Gear Review by
Assassin Hunting Gear
Assassin Hunting Gear Review by

Field Testing Assassin Hunting Gear's Hunting Apparel
By Dan Johnson

We recently had the opportunity to field test the full line of Assassin Hunting Gear's terrific hunting apparel products, and from the start of our hunt we were very impressed! Our hunt took place in north eastern South Dakota during a spring snow goose hunt in April, which has many hunters know battling the elements during a hunt like this is never easy. The tough, durable, and comfortable Assassin Hunting Gear proved to be extremely valuable everyday!

Over three days we put the apparel to the test from four in the morning to eleven o'clock at night while we experienced all the weather that South Dakota could dish out! We dealt with rain, sleet, high winds, snow, and low temperatures throughout our hunt and the Assassin Hunting Gear showed why it is some of the best hunting apparel on the market!

Being extremely comfortable for long hours while sitting in a layout blind was a big attribute that we noticed right away. The tough material used to make the gear was able to withstand days of use while going from dry circumstances to wet, and back again. The second attribute that we felt stood out was the continuous search that Assassin Hunting Gear has to improve their products. Through the innovation of the Assassin team there is no end to what might be next for their great hunting apparel.

The third attribute that we feel puts Assassin Hunting Gear a step above the rest, is the fantastic team and field representatives that are part of the Assassin Team! With a simple mission of providing the best products to their customers at the lowest possible prices, Assassin Hunting is where you need to get your gear for the next season!

Assassin Hunting Gear Review by HuntTheNorth.comAssassin Hunting Gear Review by

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