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3 Day All Inclusive
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Stanley's Goose Camp

Outfitter: Daryl Stanley
Phone: 1.888.594.7137
Manitoba Goose Hunting Outfitter Daryl Stanley

   Stanley's Goose Camp Offers Guided Waterfowl Hunts Offer~ 

  • Hunt The Giant Canada Geese Of Manitoba’s Interlake Region
  • All Hunts Are Pre-Scouted Fresh Fields To Ensure Success
  • Exceptional Morning Field Canada Goose / Mallard Hunting
  • Incredible Afternoon Field Mallard Or Marsh Duck Hunting
  • Also Offering A Unique Sept. Waterfowl / Bear Hunting Combo
  • Located 1 1/2 Hrs North Of Winnipeg Airport- Transp. Included
  • Lodging And Professionally Catered Home Cooked Meals Included
  • 3 Day All Inclusive Packages $1,895 / Hunter-Only Group In Camp
  • Now Taking Reservations For The 2017 / 2018 Hunting Seasons


Manitoba Canada Goose / Duck Hunts 

At Stanley's Goose Camp we offer a World Class caliber Manitoba waterfowl hunting experience in the Interlake Region of Manitoba, located about 1 ½ hrs north of Winnipeg. What makes our hunts so exceptional is our dedication to scouting each and every day. You will be the only group in camp (4 – 6 hunters preferred). During your morning field goose / duck hunt, your duck hunting guides for the afternoon are working hard to lock up a fresh field or marsh full of ducks for your afternoon hunt. During your afternoon duck hunt, your morning goose hunting guides are working hard to make sure your next morning’s hunt is full of geese from the night before. We also use top quality full body decoy spreads and comfortable layout blinds along with professional guides to ensure a quality Manitoba goose hunting experience each and every day!

Manitoba Goose Hunting -

A Typical Day:

Each morning you will awake to a hearty home-cooked breakfast before heading off to your pre-scouted field for the morning Manitoba goose & duck hunt. Your exclusive group of 4 – 6 hunters can expect an action packed morning of shooting decoying Canada geese so close they will take your hat off! You will also have ample opportunity at mallards, pintails and snow geese (when they are here). Your spread will consist of 5 – 7 dozen top line full body Canada goose decoys as well as a mixture of field mallard decoys and Snow goose decoys when applicable. After a hot lunch at the lodge you are off to complete your daily limit of ducks in a new pre-scouted location (marsh of field) depending on what your afternoon guide has decided is the best option. That night, back at the lodge, with all the necessities of home, you will enjoy a home cooked dinner while reliving the day’s guided goose hunt over a cocktails & tv before bed.

Manitoba Duck Hunting -

ALSO OFFERING: Waterfowl / Bear Combo Hunts

For those who are a little more adventurous we have a limited number of- 5 day waterfowl / bear combo hunts, during the beginning of September. With this hunt you will enjoy the same caliber of incredible field Canada goose / duck hunting in the morning and then after lunch we will embark on an intense evening of hunting Manitoba’s big bruins over active bait site. This is definitely a hunt for those thrill seekers looking for more than just a day in the field shooting geese. We work very hard on this hunt to ensure success in both areas. Again there are only a limited number of tags available for this hunt and it only available during the first part of September so please contact outfitter Daryl Stanley ASAp if you have an interest in booking this World Class Manitoba Hunting Adventure!

Manitoba Bear Hunting -

Lodging & Meals

During your All Inclusive Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting Adventure you will enjoy First Class lodging and meals at our full service lodge. Our lodge consists of a 1,500 square foot, 3 bedroom facility. Each bedroom has its own shower/bath. The lodge also has a very comfortable common area for your group to relax and enjoy all the comforts of home after the hunt. The lodge offers satellite tv, bed, bath, a lounge area and many other amenities. Everything you will need for a most enjoyable experience.

We also have a full service staff to make sure you do not go away hungry at any point during your trip. These are professional caterers who provide 3 home cooked meals each day of your hunt. It is your own fault of you walk away hungry after one of these meals be well assured. From start to finish our goal is to make sure you have a most enjoyable experience with Magnum North Outfitters and we look forward to hosting your next Manitoba Hunting Adventure this fall!

Hunting Rates And Packages:

Testimonial From World Renown Hunter Buck Gardner!

I am honored to get the chance to write something good about you and your operation.
Going the extra Mile, that should be the slogan for Daryl, his wife C.C. and their whole team.  I have been going to Canada since the early 80’s and have never met anyone who works as hard day in and day out to put you on the “X”.   His whole team is dedicated to making your hunt feel like Opening Day and when you get back to their lodge, C.C. has the best tasting and most satisfying food north of the border.  Hunting has no guarantees, but their trips are as close to guaranteed success as you can get.'

Buck Gardner
1994 World Champion Duck Caller
1995 Champion of Champions Duck Caller

Manitoba Waterfowl Hunting Packages:

3 Day / 3 Night All Inclusive Waterfowl Hunt: $1,895 / hunter
This hunt includes all lodging and 3 professionally home-cooked catered meals each day, bird processing and 3 fully guided morning goose / duck hunts and 2 afternoon fully guided duck only hunts. This also includes transportation to and from the Winnipeg airport as needed. This truly a World Class Hunt with everything first class. There are no additional fees except for your Manitoba hunting license. You will be the only group in camp and have the option of arriving on Sunday afternoon and departing on Wednesday afternoon or arriving on Wednesday afternoon and departing on Saturday afternoon.

Manitoba Waterfowl / Bear Hunting Combo Hunting Package:

5 Day / 5 Night Combo Hunt: $4,000 / hunter
This hunt includes everything listed in the above package except for the replacement of hunting Manitoba’s black bear in the afternoon in replacement of the afternoon duck hunt. This is also a 5 day hunt rather than a 3 day hunt and is only available during the first week of September each fall so bookings are limited and success rates are very high.

Manitoba Goose Hunting Outfitter Daryl Stanley

About The Outfitter:

Daryl Stanley: After a successful career as an NHL hockey player Daryl went into the outfitting business, back in the early 1990’s. Daryl’s passion for hunting has made his hunting camps some of the most successful across Canada. Daryl has started several waterfowl and bear hunting camps in Manitoba since the early 1990’s. His attention to detail, extensive outfitting background and his passion towards his customer’s complete satisfaction has made every endeavor he has taken on an absolute success. Daryl’s latest

venture- Magnum North Outfitters is no exception. Daryl states that the main reason they opened this camp was the location. With the abundance of local Giant Canada geese that nest in the region, to the fact that the Interlake Region is the first agricultural fields that the migrating birds from the north find, assures there will be plenty of opportunity for his customers to harvest a limit throughout the season.

Evan Proctor: Evan has been an outdoorsman since age 8. Evan has been Daryl’s head guide for over 18 seasons and with the assistance of his father David, these two make a deadly combo in the goose field. Evan also has a background in guiding bear hunters and deer hunters in Manitoba and up in the Northwest Territories. Evan is a dedicated waterfowler and passionate for his hunter's success.


Stanley's Goose Camp

Outfitter: Daryl Stanley
Phone: 1.888.594.7137
Website: New Website Coming Soon!

To book this hunt or for detailed information about hunting with Magnum North Outfitters, please email Daryl at:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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