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Saskatchewan Spring Snow Goose Hunting -


Arkansas Spring Snow Goose Hunting - HuntTheNorth.comNeu Outdoors

Outfitter: John Neu
Phone: 1.877.860.7663
Arkansas Snow Goose Hunting Outfitter John Neu

Neu Outdoors Premier Saskatchewan Snow Goose Hunts Offer~

  • Fast Action Decoying Spring Snow Geese In Low Pressure
  • A-Frame & Layout Style Blinds In Dry Fields
  • Lodging Is Included Including One Person Per Room
  • Hunt Over Consistent Fresh, Pre-Scouted Private Fields
  • Low Pressure Resulting In Better Decoying Birds Than In The States
  • High, Consistent Success - Guiding Spring Season Since 2004
  • Also Offering Spring Snow Goose Hunts In Arkansas & South Dakota
  • Now Taking Reservations For The 2022 / 23 Spring Hunting Seasons


Saskatchewan Spring Snow Goose Hunts:

Our Saskatchewan spring snow goose hunts are in the "Land of the Living Skies" because it is the best place in North America to hunt waterfowl. Typically we start in Saskatchewan in April and hunt into May depending on the migration. Once you're in Canada you'll realize, especially in the spring the very limited pressure and the birds decoy differently than what you see in the spring season in the States. We make sure that we arrive to Canada right on time as we follow the birds all the way north. First we start in Arkansas, then move to Missouri with the birds in mid February and finish in South Dakota in mid April prior to moving up into Canada. (each spring is different). We have put in continual scouting and hard work to ensure that we are not only on the best fields in the area but the area that we are located in has a great concentration of birds. Expect to hunt over state of the art electronic callers, high quality decoy spreads of 2,000 Deadly Decoys and 6 Vortex Machines per spread. Some guided snow goose hunts exceed 100 plus birds per field days but there will be days that are single digits. On your Saskatchewan spring snow goose hunt you can expect to hunt on pre-scouted, private grounds, over large decoy spreads.

Saskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts -

A Typical Day:

We are located in western central Canada. Upon you're arrival, whether you are driving or flying in (we're approximately two hours from Saskatoon) you'll arrive the night before you're hunt starts and settle in at your lodging. We will meet you at the lodging destination the night before to discuss the next day's Saskatchewan spring snow goose hunt. From there we will pick you up well before sunrise the next morning to ensure arrival at the field before any action takes place. Fields and blinds are set in advance, so when we arrive at the field you will be assigned a blind and get settled in. At that time your Saskatchewan snow goose hunting guide will go over the daily details along with safety rules and bird identification. These hunts are highly successful and set to be half day hunts as we typically have good morning hunts.  At Neu Outdoors, we have been successfully guiding spring snow goose hunters since 2004. We strive to leave the field everyday having achieved the highest quality Saskatchewan snow goose hunting memories possible.

Saskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts -

ALSO OFFERING: Spring Snow Goose Hunts In Arkansas & South Dakota

We begin the spring season right at the start of the migration in Arkansas. Before South Dakota, we make a stop in Missouri at the famous Squaw Creek N.W.R. and reset for another 2 weeks of solid hunting. In early March we make the move up into South Dakota and continue to hunt fresh fields and feeds up to the North Dakota border. Each of these states have their own draw and provide great hunts in their own right. We continue to stay on "The X" with the migration to ensure a successful hunt no matter which state we are in. Please give us a call to book a hunt in either Arkansas or South Dakota.

Arkansas Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts -

Lodging & Meals

For all of our spring snow goose hunting packages in Saskatchewan, lodging is included. This includes one person per room with a common area for you to relax after the hunt.


Food is not included but meals can be made at your lodging or there are options for restaurants in the areas that we hunt that will provide a good quality lunch option or a nice dinner at the end of the night. We can provide recommendations of our favorite restaurants.


If you have any questions, please discuss with outfitter John Neu at the time of booking.

Hunting Rates And Packages:


Monday - Wednesday Half Day Hunts - $1,800 Per Hunter

Thursday - Sunday Half Day Hunts - $2,400 Per Hunter


Your daily hunt fee includes a half days fully guided hunt over high quality decoys and your lodging. It does not include meals or bird cleaning.

*Also Offering Spring Snow Goose Hunts in Arkansas, Missouri And South Dakota

Snow Goose Hunting Outfiter John NeuAbout The Outfitter:

Hi my name is John Neu. I am first and foremost a waterfowl hunter. I guide snow geese because I am a very passionate snow goose hunter.  I have a true love and respect for snow goose hunting and waterfowling.  I consider myself a life long learner of the sport.  Our top priority is to give you and your group a successful and fun spring snow goose hunt that will make you love this sport as much as we do.


Neu Outdoors

Outfitter: John Neu
Phone: 1.877.860.7663

To Book This Hunt Or For Detailed Information About Hunting With Neu Outdoors, Please Email John at:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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Saskatchewan Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts - HuntTheNorth.comSaskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts -
Saskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts - HuntTheNorth.comSaskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts -
Saskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts - HuntTheNorth.comSaskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts -
Saskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts - HuntTheNorth.comSaskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts -
Saskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts - HuntTheNorth.comSaskatchewan Guided Snow Goose Hunts -

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