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DRC Call Company's REV Duck Call

DRC Call Company REV Duck Call ReviewDRC Call Company REV Duck Call ReviewREV Duck Call By DRC Call Company

Official Product Review Score: 29 / 30 "A Rating"

  • Functionality 5 / 5
  • Durability 5 / 5
  • Effectiveness 5 / 5
  • Variety 5 / 5
  • Price 4 / 5
  • Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

   A. Functionality -

5 / 5
Upon beginning our testing of DRC's REV duck call we observed that this is one of the easiest duck calls to use that we have ever tested. The 'Stay - Tuned Wedge System' gives the call a great sound immediately and only gets better the more familiar you become with the call. No matter if you are an experienced duck caller or a beginner, the REV gives you a wide range of sounds to use during the hunt that you can use in virtually any hunting scenario you can find. From the really high pitched squeaky and whiny sounds to great feeding chatter, the REV offers high performance functionality in any situation!

   B. Durability -

5 / 5
Death Row Call's REV duck call comes in two different versions, the standard acrylic and delrin designs. The acrylic call is available in virtually any color that you would like, while the delrin is available in flat-black. The REV made from the delrin material is a softer material than acrylic which is most comparable to a wood call. Both calls come standard with the 'Stay-Tuned Wedge System,' and 'Moisture Control Grooves.' This gives them a great sound as already mentioned but as important they withstand sticking-up due to excess moisture inside the call. This is a huge advantage the REV has over other ducks calls in the fact that you can keep working ducks all day in any weather and call continues to work proper and keep a great sound throughout the entire hunt!

   C. Effectiveness -

5 / 5

During our field testing of the REV duck call we were able to see first hand how effective this call was on local ducks. Our test consisted of both teal and mallards over water with a modest decoy spread. Both species were attracted to the call and with some ducks passing by at long distances, we needed to put a ton of air behind the call for increased volume and again the sound was great. We felt that from our testing this call will be extremely effective during the fall migration and hunting seasons!

   D. Variety -

5 / 5
Currently the DRC Call Company offers the REV acrylic design in eight colors available as listed on the website. However, special requests and customization can be made by simply contacting the DRC Team. The REV delrin design is only available in flat-black. DRC's other duck calls are also available in a variety of colors, as well as a large goose call line. The latest goose call from DRC, the CORE is available in over 90 different combinations of inserts and mouth pieces!

   E. Price -

4 / 5
As most waterfowlers are aware, acrylic calls are an investment. However, with a great call design and proper care, they can be used for many hunting seasons. Thus giving you a good bang for your buck overtime. The acrylic REV priced at $150 is on the higher end of the duck call range while the Rev-Delrin is at the price point of $125. The REVolutionary design and innovative combination of merging a single reed and double reed call into one, there is no doubt that you are getting a great duck call that you can use for multiple seasons.

   F. Overall Product Satisfaction -

5 / 5
Overall we were very impressed with the REV duck call by the DRC Call Company. The wide range of sounds that the call can produce, the constant innovation, and a team that is pushing the boundaries of the duck and goose call world. This is a company to pay attention to, and more importantly bring more birds into your decoys!


- Acrylic & Delrin Material Designs

- Wide Range Of Duck Call Sounds

- Moisture Control Grooves

- Stay-Tuned Wedge System

- Sound Capturing Boring

- Single & Double Reed Combined

- Customizable Color Variations

- Great For Beginners & Experts


- Acrylic calls and waterfowl calls in general are an investment with a high upfront cost

- Overall there are now many, many call manufactures across the country and the market is getting saturated

DRC Call Company REV Duck Call Review
The REV Has An Incredible 'Stay-Tuned Wedge System'
REV Duck Call By DRC Call Company
'Moisture Control Grooves' Give The REV A Great Sound Every Time
REV Duck Call By DRC Call Company
DRC Has A Full Line Of Great Goose Calls! Including The New 'CORE'
DRC Call Company Goose Calls
DRC Call Company REV Duck Call Review

Field Testing The DRC Call Company's REV Duck Call
By Dan Johnson

We recently had the opportunity to field test the DRC Call Company's REV duck call and were very impressed by the performance the call had throughout the entire test. The first attribute that we noticed was the great sound that came out of the call immediately upon opening the packaging. The innovation of DRC's 'Stay-Tuned Wedge System' was apparent right away and kept a great sound all day. The design of the REV produces a wide range of call sounds, giving you a full arsenal of sounds and body from one call.

The second attribute that we felt put the REV above many other calls that we have used was again an innovative design of the 'Moisture Control Grooves,' built right into the tone boards. The ability to call all day and not having to worry about the call sticking due to moisture. Gives you confidence that with every duck flying by, you are going to get a great sound from your call to get them to commit!

The third attribute of the REV duck call we were impressed with was that no matter how much air we put into the call or how little, the sound remained to be very 'Ducky.' While still allowing us to be able to produce calls from the high end to the bottom end of the range. Anyone can pick up a call and blow air through it, but having every sound be similar to that of a real duck is a challenge. This is what you want and where the REV shines for the beginner to expert level callers.

Overall we were extremely satisfied with the REV duck call, customer service, innovation, and the drive for quality of the DRC Team to provide a fantastic product. We have total confidence that you will not only have a great experience when working with the DRC Call Company, but you will start to put more ducks and geese on their backs with every call you get from DRC!

DRC Call Company REV Duck Call Review

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