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Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitters - HuntTheNorth.comWoods N Water Inc

Outfitter: Blaine Burley
Phone: 1.888.745.2987
Georgia Hog Hunts -

 Woods N Water Inc World Class Georgia Wild Hog Hunts Offer:

  - Over 5,000 Private Acres Extensively Managed For Wild Hogs
  - 100% Fair Chase Hunting - NO FENCES!
  - Past Hunters Have Had A 90% Success Rate - 1 Hog Per Day
  - Afternoon & Night Hunts From Ground Blinds & Tower Stands
  - Fishing Is Available For FREE In Our Private Ponds
  - Wild Hog Hunts With Lodging For $400 / Day
  - Also Offering Trophy Georgia Whitetail Deer Hunts At $400 / Day
  - Now Taking Limited Reservations For The 2021 / 2022 Seasons


Georgia Wild Hog Hunts

At Woods N Water Inc our incredible Georgia wild hog hunts are offered year round! Our Georgia wild hog hunters can come any time of year and experience giant hogs in excess of 300 lbs, on our exceptionally maintained private properties! Our semi-guided Georgia Hog Hunts have two day minimums, to ensure hunters the best possible success rates. Our Georgia hog hunting guides work very hard around the clock to locate trophy caliber hogs and consistently pattern them for our hunters when they get in camp. The owner of Woods N Water Inc, Blaine Burley, has been in the hunting business for 35 years and has experience in providing a 5 star hunting adventure for every hunter in camp.

Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitter -

A Typical Day:

When our Georgia hog hunters get to camp you will meet your hog hunting guides and hosts. We will show you around the lodge and where you will stay for the remainder of your hunt. After getting settled in at camp, guests we will go through the itinerary of the hunt. On the morning of your Georgia hog hunt, hunters will have a full kitchen available to make their own meals and gear up for the day. Most of our
Georgia hog hunts will take place in the afternoon or at night. Your hog hunting guide will meet your at camp and show you to your blind for the hunt. Once a hog is down it’s time for pictures and to celebrate! (Limit 1 hog per hunter, per day). Your guide will skin and quarter your hog and help you pack it on ice.

Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitter -
ALSO OFFERING: Trophy Whitetail Hunts

At Woods N Water Inc we manage our land to produce trophy bucks year in and year out, many of our hunters take home 130 class bucks or larger each year. On our 5,000 acres of land we have annual crops that include peanuts, corn, soybeans, and cotton. We also provide year round supplemental feeding, minerals and food plots. We continuously improve our whitetail habitat to produce trophy deer each year! Bow Hunts are Sept. - Jan. And Gun Hunts are Oct. - Jan. Trophy deer hunts are 2 day minimums that run $400 per day, the hunts includes:  lodging, one buck, one doe, and also one HOG!
Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitter -

Lodging & Meals

Woods N Water Inc includes lodging in there hog hunting packages. The lodge overlooks a private pond for guests to fish and relax after the hunt as well as a large deck to support multiple hunting groups.

Meals are not included in the package but all the amenities to make your own meals are on site. A full kitchen is in place to make hunters feel at home as well as grills outside on the deck overlooking the large fishing pond.
Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitter Blaine BurleyAbout The Outfitter:

Blaine Burley, the owner of Woods-N-Water, Inc., is an experienced land manager, wildlife management/hunting property consultant, and hunting outfitter that has provided lifelong memories for hunters across the world.

As President of Plotmaster Systems, LLC, Blaine (Inventor of the Plotmaster) has developed a great chemistry in managing land to produce trophy hogs and whitetails year in and year out.
With over 35 years of hunting experience Blaine has consistently provided quality hunts and hunters continue to return for an unforgettable experience.

Hunting Rates And Packages:

Georgia Hog Hunting Packages:

Wild Georgia hog hunts- Daily hunt packages with lodging- $400 per hunter (2 day minimum). Includes 1 wild hog per day, includes FREE skinning & quartering of your harvest and FREE fishing in private lakes. (NO trophy fees!). 1 wild hog per day . 2-5 day hunts are available year round

Georgia Whitetail Deer Hunting Packages:

Trophy caliber whitetail deer hunts with lodging - $450 per day (NO trophy fees!)
Packages include semi-guided hunt, with lodging, FREE skinning & quartering of your harvest and FREE fishing in private lakes.

Available Hunts: September - January (bow hunts), October - January (gun hunts). Includes 1 trophy buck, 1 doe & 1 wild hog per hunt (trophy bucks must have at least a 15" outside spread).

Standard Hunts

Deer hunts - $450/day/hunter
Turkey hunts - $475/day/hunter
Hog hunts - $400/day/hunter
Turkey & hog combo hunts - $600/day/hunter
Fishing packages - $250/day/ fisherman
Trophy bass fishing - $350/day/ fisherman


Beards, Boars & Bass - only valid during turkey season - $1575/person for 3 days

Cast-N-Blast only valid from May 15th – September 1st - $695/person for 2 days

Early Bird - pre rut deer hunt only valid prior to primitive weapons season - $1150/person for 3 days

Late Season Racks only valid December 15th – end of deer season - $1150/person for 3 days


Woods N Water Inc

Outfitter: Blaine Burley
Phone: 1.888.745.2897

To book this hunt or for detailed information about hunting with the Woods N Water Inc, please email Blaine at:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitters - HuntTheNorth.comGeorgia Hog Hunting Outfitters -
Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitters - HuntTheNorth.comGeorgia Hog Hunting Outfitters -
Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitters - HuntTheNorth.comGeorgia Hog Hunting Outfitters -
Georgia Hog Hunting Outfitters - HuntTheNorth.comGeorgia Hog Hunting Outfitters -

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