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At HuntTheNorth.com we have been actively researching many of the top taxidermists across the country since 2003. We have hand picked one professional taxidermist who specializes in each specific category of taxidermy mount to endorse through our service. The specific big game taxidermist that we have endorsed pays great attention to detail with all of his big game taxidermy mounts & offers excellent customer service. Enjoy reviewing why we have endorsed the following Professional Big Game Taxidermist.


Dan Wennerlind



Taxidermist Tom Lenort

About The Taxidermist:

Hello my name is Tom Lenort. Here is a little info about my background- At a young age my love for the outdoors and wildlife got me started in drawing and painting wildlife. When I was 13, I decided to try my hand at taxidermy. After years of of practice and doing mounts for friends and relatives out of my parent’s barn turned studio. In 1990 I moved into our current location with 15,000 sq. ft. of work shop and showroom. I have been lucky enough to be able to travel different parts of the world hunting, studying and collecting reference materials  from animals and there habitats. In 1984 I was very fortunate in receiving the "World Champion Taxidermist" title on a entry in the master artist division that I brought to the world show in Atlanta Ga. My hobby turned business has now been a full time job since 1982.

  About Our Service:

At Tom's Taxidermy our team has the right experience, talent and knowledge to produce and create the highest level of big game taxidermy art from whitetail deer taxidermy shoulder mounts, pedestal mounts, rugs to life size animals with custom habitats and dioramas. We also do trophy room design and custom trophy room mountains. Other big game taxidermy services include; helping international and domestic hunters with preparation of trophies and shipping, permitting and we also work with reputable brokers and shipping companies to insure efficient, safe and cost effective arrival of trophies. We are a USDA approved facility for importing trophies from around the world and have an Import Export license along with other state and federal licenses. We pride ourselves in producing the highest level of big game taxidermy art that customers will enjoy and will be proud of for years to come.

1982 - 1987
Many 1st place and best of category awards in State, National and International Competitions.

"Best In World" award in the master artist division in Atlanta Ga.

National Taxidermist Association "Award of Excellence"

2003, 2004, 2005, 2007
Best taxidermist award and mount at SCI 

Accredited judge for taxidermy competitions from 1986 to present

Big Game Taxidermy Pricing:

Shoulder Big Game Taxidermy Mounts

Whitetail Deer     $580.00
Antelope               $580.00
Bison                     $1,380.00
Caribou                 $890.00
Elk                         $1,015.00 open mouth- ad $160.00
Moose                  $1,220.00  Alaska/Yukon- ad $100.00
Musk Ox              $1,235.00
Sheep                   $865.00  Dall's- ad $50.00

Please contact for further pricing on pedestal mounts, life size, rugs on other animals from North America, Asia and Africa

Big Game Taxidermy

Big Game Taxidermist
Contact & Shipping Information:

Tom's Taxidermy Studio LLC

Taxidermist: Tom Lenort
Phone: 1.888.986.7953

Shipping Address: 28034 770th Ave Clarks Grove, MN 56016

For Detailed Information About Taxidermy Services With Tom's Taxidermy, Please Email Tom at:

Please be sure to let Tom know that you found his services through HuntTheNorth.com. If he is unavailable please leave your best contact info as well as any specific details that are important to you about your mount and Tom will assure a prompt response!

  Photo Gallery:

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