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Louisiana Guided Boar - HuntTheNorth.comLouisiana Swiners Outdoors and Petersburg Outfitters

Outfitter: Budd and Brenda Prud' Homme
Phone: 1.888.316.4380
Louisiana Wild Hog Hunts - HuntTheNorth.com

  Louisiana Swiners And Petersburg Outfitters Offer~ 
  • Bow / Rifle Wild Hog Hunts
  • Trophy Kansas Whitetail Hunts
  • Wild Hog Hunting with Dogs / Knives Packages
  • Kansas & Louisiana Turkey Hunting Packages
  • Live Streaming Of Your Hunt
  • Personal Filmed DVD Of Your Hunt
  • All-Inclusive Packages Available On All Hunts


Louisiana Wild Hog Hunts 

Louisiana Swiners believes "we need to reduce and control the feral hog population, not eradicate them altogether" and at the same time be a Blue Collar based outfitter. Where almost anyone can afford to make their Dream Hunt come true, the LSO crew is well experienced and ready to assist you in your hunting needs with over 30 years experience in the outdoors.

Come join us on an incredible Louisiana Hog Hunt with LSO as they chase swines threatening the land. Located in the River Bottoms of North Louisiana, LS pledges itself to the hunter, using highly trained dogs, keen hunting tactics, and employing good old-fashioned know-how to help dreams come true and those jeopardized by these disastrous beasts.

Guided Wild Hog Hunts - HuntTheNorth.com

A Typical Day: 

Day 1: Hunters arrive at the ranch (mid-afternoon) and prepare for the late afternoon hunt

Day 2: Hunters participate in the morning and afternoon hunts

Day 3: Hunters participate in the morning hunt and depart ranch (noon)

*Drinks, Breakfast and Dinner meals are included

Louisiana Hog Hunt - HuntTheNorth.com
ALSO OFFERING: Kansas Whitetail / Turkey Hunts

Depending on the time of the hunt, every morning our guide is always the first man up and makes sure every hunter is well equipped for their hunt. After this the guide drops all the hunters off at their designated stand. Since our hunts are all semi guided our hunters have the option to choose when they want to stop hunting. We normally pick our hunters up around lunch time to grab a bite to eat. Some hunters decide to go straight back out. Some hunters decide to stay in and watch their favorite football team play. The afternoon hunts are pretty much the same like the morning hunts we drop everyone off and pick the hunters back up at dark. Dinner is served and ready to go by the time the hunters arrive in camp. Petersburg Outfitters is dedicated 365 days a year to make sure every hunter gets a shot at a 140” deer or better.  Our guides are highly experienced and work every day to fulfill every hunters need. Our guides send out pictures throughout the summer, up to the day our hunters arrive in camp.

Kansas Trophy Whitetail - HuntTheNorth.com

Lodging & Meals

Accommodations for our Louisiana Hog Hunts include several hotels in the area and we are happy to book your reservations and make the appropriate recommendations.

Whitetail and Turkey Hunts with Petersburg Outfitters, located in Uniontown Kansas, has a  lodge that is designed to make you feel right at home. As you walk in the main entry you will instantly feel the warm and cozy side of the outdoors. The main lodge walls are made of real Southeastern Kansas Oak hand stained to perfection with  polyurethane coated walnut. Also, displayed throughout the lodge are Mr. Prud'homme's very own trophies such as elk, moose, mule deer heads, antelope heads, turkeys, foxes, coon, bobcat, mink, pintail duck and snow geese; this not only gives the hunter a vision of what he or she should aim for but the feeling that such beauty lies right beyond the walls of the Den. Though, you may be a long way from civilization, doesn't mean you will live like a caveman. Our lodge is fully furnished with everything you need from Internet access to a 55" LCD TV on which to watch your favorite sports and hunting shows. To make the experience a more pleasant and comfy one for you and your family, there are leather recliners and leather couches that unfold into beds.

Of course, a lodge that makes you feel at home wouldn't make you feel at home if it lacked what makes a home a home. A home cooked  meal! Yes, a meal like the ones your momma used to make. In a nice 600 square foot kitchen and dining room are surrounded by custom counter tops and murals, Mrs. Prud'homme whips up a succulent cuisine that will rattle the cages of any five star restaurant and make you feel like royalty.

Hunting Rates And Packages:

Wild Louisiana Hog Hunting Bow / Rifle Packages:

1 Day Hunt - $300 / day
On a 1 day hunt you are allowed 2 hogs

2 Day Hunt - $ 450 / 2 days
On a 2 day hunt you are allowed 3 hogs

Additional Fees:
 Skinning & or Quartering - $20
Cape & or Quartering - $30

Wild Hog Hunting With Dogs

1 Day all day hunt - $500 per group
2 person minimum / 4 person max

Kansas Turkey Hunting:

3 Day Hunts: Friday - Sunday, All Inclusive $1,200 (Two Birds)

Kansas Whitetail Hunting:

Archery, Rifle, or Muzzleloader 
Sunday - Sunday, All Inclusive $3,500

Kansas Trophy Whitetails - HuntTheNorth.comGuided Kansas Whitetails - HuntTheNorth.com

About The Outfitter:

If you are interested in a Trophy Kansas Whitetail Hunt, Budd and Brenda Prud’ Homme’s hideaway is in the Southeast corner of Kansas and is now exposed completely to the entire hunting world by choice!

We welcome you to Petersburg Outfitter's! We are proud to share with each and every hunter to come and stay with us here at our lodge here in our corner of Kansas called Uniontown. Jacob's Den is well known during the dust bowl days , it was the only place where you could get fresh water for many miles.

Our top quality guides Scott and Christopher will treat you right and put you on some of the biggest trophy whitetails in North America.

If you are hunting Louisiana Wild Hogs, Shelby Thomas and crew will give you the experience of a lifetime with Rifle, Bow, or even Dogs and a Knife!


Louisiana Swiners Outdoors and Petersburg Outfitters

Outfitter: Budd and Brenda Prud' Homme
Phone: 1.888.316.4380
Website: jacobsden.net

To book this hunt or for detailed information about hunting with Louisiana Swiners / Petersburg Outfitters, please email us at: rgjanes_1@msn.com

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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Kansas Guided Whitetail - HuntTheNorth.comKansas Turkey Hunts - HuntTheNorth.com
Kansas Guided Whitetail Hunts - HuntTheNorth.comLouisiana Big Game - HuntTheNorth.com

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