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  • 2011 Winner Of Best In World Champion In Waterfowl Taxidermy
  • 2009 Winner Of Best In World Champion In Waterfowl Taxidermy
  • Specialization In Avian Taxidermy Services Only
  • Winner Of Numerous Additional Taxidermy Titles And Awards
  • Offering Excellent Customer Service - Turn Around 8 - 12 Months
  • Competitive Pricing For All Specialized Waterfowl Taxidermy Mounts
  • Taxidermy Showroom Appointments Available Or Ship Direct

Taxidermist Jerry Froelich

About The Taxidermist:

Flyway Taxidermy was formed in 1999 when Jerry Froelich, a passionate duck hunter, saw an opening and a way to continue his passion for hunting and a way of preserving the memory and life of the waterfowl. Not only has he harvested some of the most unique waterfowl species of North America has to offer, but his work has allowed him to travel the world in search of other species. In 2002 Flyway Taxidermy starting entering artistic waterfowl pieces in many prestigious taxidermy competitions, earning him a
reputation for excellent craftsmanship and artistic ability. He has received over 40+ awards since then including being named “The 2009 & 2011 World Champion” in the category of waterfowl taxidermy. Jerry only specializes in avian taxidermy and between his waterfowl and upland bird mounts, he has become one of the top taxidermists in the world for his craftmanship and artistic expression.

Flyway Taxidermy

About Our Service:

At Flyway Taxidermy, Jerry puts a great emphasis on not only producing the most realistic waterfowl mounts for his competition

pieces, but he strives to offer the avid waterfowl hunter the same caliber of specimen for their home. Jerry also takes great pride in being an overall artist in every area of his taxidermy work. Therefore not only will your bird look alive, but so will the surrounding habitat that you choose to embed your mount in.

Jerry also likes to be very creative in offering many, many different options for each customer. Instead of just placing a flying bird sideways across your wall, Jerry enjoys putting that bird in a very natural position and can offer everything from a custom coffee table setting, to a featured trophy under a glass, as well as a realistic mount for the wall or hanging from the ceiling. From the avid hunter, to the trophy collector- Flyway Taxidermy is excited to build your trophy as you picture it in your head. No matter what caliber of investment you are looking to make, Jerry is open to meeting and exceeding your expectations, while providing a truly realistic mount that you can be proud to share with everyone that enters your home or office.

Customer relations is also an area that Jerry provides outstanding service. Jerry's standard turn around time for a project is usually less than one year and he is willing to meet with you and share some ideas with you before the project is started. Jerry also encourages his customers to visit his showroom in St. Coud, MN to get a better feel for the caliber of mount that can expect to recieve as well as get some new ideas. If that is not possible Jerry is able to easily do business with you over the phone and drop ship your finished product to your home- anywhere across the country.

Best In World
2011 World Champion Carl Akeley Award
2009 World Champion Carl Akeley Award

Van Dyke Most Original & Creative Presentation
SD 2004, SD 2006

NDTA Wildlife Art Show
Best Waterfowl
2004, 2005

Best Large Waterfowl MN
2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

Best Goose Delta Waterfowl

World Award Winning

World Championships
Competitors Award
2002 4th, 2004 5th, 2007 1st

McKenzie Supply Taxidermist Choice Best Bird Award
SD 2006, SD 2007, MN 2007
SD Peoples Choice

Best of Show
SD 2004, SD 2006, SD 2007
MN 2004, MN 2007

Best Diorama
SD 2004, SD 2005, SD 2006,
SD 2007

Master Competitors Award
Iowa 2004 1st

WASCO Supply
Most Artistic
SD 2006, SD 2007, MN 2007

Best of Category
ND 2002, ND 2004
SD 2004, SD 2005
SD 2006, SD 2007
MN 2002, MN 2004
MN 2006, MN 2007

National Taxidermists Association
National Champion 2006
Award of Excellence 2007
Waterfowl Taxidermy Mounts

Manderin Duck Mounts

Wood Duck Mounts

Waterfowl Taxidermy Pricing:

Current turnaround time is now a minimum of 15 months. Please discuss with Jerry when you call.

Puddlers & Divers (stand or fly)............................................$300.00
King & Common Eiders............................................................$400.00
All Scoters...................................................................................$375.00
Others: (Harlequins, Squaws, Goldeneyes, etc).................$325.00
Small Geese (Ross, Cacklers, Richardsons, Shellducks)....$400.00
Med. Geese (Snows, Blues, Specks, Lesser Canadas)........$425.00
Large Canadas (Big Canadas, Magellans, Ashyheads)........$550.00
SWANS - ........$950.00

Crating and shipping will be a minimum of $60 per box for all standard waterfowl and upland game birds. * Please contact us for an estimate if you are interested in the Habitat Scenes or Cases. (Glass cases start @ $800 for a single bird and are quoted upon request for larger and custom jobs.)

Flyway Taxidermy is a U.S.D.A. Approved Port of Entry Processing Facility, enabling you to send your birds directly to our studio from any country in the world

Contact & Shipping Information:

Flyway Taxidermy

Taxidermist: Jerry Froelich
Phone: 1.888.958.3729
Website: flywaytaxidermy.com
Shipping Address: 25043 63rd Ave Saint Cloud, MN 56301

For Detailed Information About Taxidermy Services With Flyway Taxidermy, Please Call Jerry at 1.888.958.3729.

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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