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We Specialize In Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunts Over Water Only!

Wyo-Braska Waterfowl

Outfitters: JJ Randolph
Phone: 1.888.902.7843
Nebraska Snow Goose Outfitters JJ Randolph


During the month of March we were able to hunt with one of the best outfitters in the business JJ Randolph of Wyo-Braska Waterfowl and Kris Peterson (formerly of Central Flyway's Best). Hunting the Rainwater basin of SE Nebraska we experienced IN YOUR FACE Decoying spring snow geese over and over again. These guys have perfected the art of decoying migrating spring snow geese and they do it all exclusively over water!! This hunt is exclusive for groups of 4 hunters, out of comfortable permanent heated blinds! Click here to read the full story on this amazing Nebraska spring snow goose hunting adventure...

Outfitter Review On Central Flyway's Best Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunts

   Wyo-Braska Waterfowl's Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunts Offer~

  • World Class Spring Snow Goose Hunts Near The Rainwater Basin
  • Water Decoy Spreads Only Providing Amazing Decoying Action
  • Experienced And Friendly Spring Snow Goose Hunting Guides
  • High Quality Water Spreads And State Of The Art E-Caller Systems
  • Hunt From Heated Above Ground Blinds From A Swivel Office Chair
  • Daily Nebraska Spring Hunts $300 / Hunter - Private For Groups Of 4
  • Now Taking Reservations For 2020 / 2021 Spring Hunting Seasons


Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunts

At Wyo-Braska Waterfowl, our Nebraska Spring Snow Goose hunts start up mid February each spring and run for a full month until around the 20th of March depending on the migration. This is a VERY exclusive and different style of spring snow goose hunt than most are used to. First off, we hunt over water spreads exclusively. We run 5 spreads on private ponds in south east Nebraska and each group of 4 or 5 hunters (max) will get their own permanent above ground blind over an incredible set-up over water. Our best snow goose hunting days are sunny migration days when the birds are traveling north. Our groups averaged 40 birds per blind in the 2016 Nebraska spring snow goose season. Please keep min mind we do have a 90% rebooking rate on the spot each spring so if you are interested in one of our amazing spring hunts please contact outfitter JJ Randolph ASAP to get your name on the list for this coming season.

Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunting Guides -

A Typical Day:

On your Nebraska guided snow goose hunt, you will meet your guide at the local McDonalds for a quick bite to eat around 6am. From there your private group of 4 or 5 hunters will be escorted to your above ground heated blind. Inside each blind are 5 swivel office chairs with your own personal heater to adjust to your comfort level. Your blind will be overlooking a beautiful spread of around 300 snow goose floater decoys on a private leased pond. Our best window of success comes from 10am - 2pm when the weary migrating flocks are traveling north, looking for a cold drink of water. At Wyo-Braska Waterfowl we pride ourselves in the ability to LAND SPRING SNOW GEESE IN THE DECOYS over and over again. Do not expect to take shots over 30 yards on this trip. In addition, we highly recommend booking a 3 day trip to ensure a successful migration day for a big number hunt. On all of our multiple day spring snow goose hunts, your group will never hunt the same blind twice. Our goal is to provide a most memorable and rewarding Nebraska spring snow goose hunting adventure!

Nebraska Spring Snow Goose Hunting -

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In November of the 2014 Nebraska waterfowl hunting season the crew had a chance to join JJ Randolph on another one of his World Class caliber Nebraska Duck Hunting Adventures on the North Platte River. And let me tell you JJ did not disappoint! The three of us had ample opportunities at legs down, water splashing Big Greenheads in the decoys! And not once or twice but over and over again until we had a full limit of Big Nebraska Chubbies in the blind. But it didn’t end there, we also had several flocks of the areas Giant Canada geese working the river all morning long as well. In fact we not only harvested a full limit of Honkers but a bonus Specklebelly to boot! This is truly an Incredible waterfowl hunting experience and one of the BEST guided duck hunts I have ever been on. There is a reason JJ fills up 90% of his dates a year in advance each fall!

Dan Wennerlind


Nebraska Duck Hunting Guides -

Lodging And Meals:

Although our Nebraska spring snow goose hunt packages simply include the guide fee and awesome hunt, we are more then happy to provide recommendations for a great stay at a local motel at booking, and will give you several options for excellent area restaurants upon arrival. We can even assist in finding a lodging establishment that will allow your four legged companion into the room. Give us a call we can't wait to hear from you!

Hunting Rates And Packages:

- $1,200 / blind / day for up to 4 hunters. 5th hunter is $300 per day. All hunts are three day hunts
- Our spring snow goose hunts in southeast Nebraska run from mid February - mid March each year
- We offer an exclusive hunt for groups of 4 or 5 hunters max
- We recommend booking a multiple day hunt to ensure one "Great" day of hunting

Note: The $1,200 daily rate is just the guide fee and does not include meals and lodging. We are able to assist in recommending a local hotel as well as a great area restaurant. Gratuities are also appreciated to the guides for a job well done. These prices do not include lodging, bird cleaning or disposal! We do offer bird cleaning for $3.00 per bird.

A 50% NON refundable deposit is due the time of booking to ensure your spot and allow us to plan for each season.

Nebraska Hunting Outfitter JJ Randolph

About The Outfitter:

Outfitter JJ Randolph has been successfully guiding spring snow goose hunters in south eastern Nebraska since the inception of the spring conservation season back in 1996. In fact they are one of the longest running spring snow goose outfitters in the country! JJ has a heart and passion for waterfowl hunting. JJ does not have an off season as he professionally guides waterfowl hunters and fly fisherman 364 days a year (he does take one day off a year to spend with family)!!

JJ will do everything in his power to make sure you have a most rewarding and successful Nebraska spring snow goose hunting experience. Although please keep in mind, they do have a 90% rebooking rate each spring so do not hesitate to call them ASAP to get your name on the list for next year!

Contact & Booking Information:

Wyo-Braska Waterfowl

Outfitters: JJ Randolph
Phone: 1.888.902.7843

To book this hunt or for detailed information about hunting with Wyo-Braska Waterfowl, please email JJ at:

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Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting - HuntTheNorth.comNebraska Snow Goose Hunting -
Nebraska Goose Hunting Guides - HuntTheNorth.comNebraska Snow Goose Hunting Guides -
Nebraska Snow Goose Hunting guides - HuntTheNorth.comNebraska Snow Goose Hunting guides -

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