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Nebraska Turkey Hunting -

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Officially Endorsed Nebraska Turkey Outfitter

Nebraska Turkey Hunting -


Named The 2013 Outfitter Of The Year!

Wyo-Braska Turkey Hunts

Outfitter: JJ Randolph
Phone: 1.888.902.7843
Turkey Hunting Outfitter JJ Randolph

   Wyo-Braska's Nebraska Turkey Hunts Offer~

  • Large Populations Of Rios, Merriams & Hybrids In SE Nebraska
  • Thousands Of Acres Of Private Hunting Property Available
  • High Success Rates With Gun Or Bow, 100% Success in 2013
  • Offering Multiple Bird Hunts – Harvest Up To 3 Turkeys
  • Comfortable Lodging Accommodations Close To Hunting Grounds
  • Professional And Experienced Turkey Hunting Guides
  • Now Taking Reservations For The 2014 / 2015 Spring Seasons


Spring Merriams Nebraska Turkey Hunt

In a lifetime of hunting turkeys in Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming- the finest turkey hunting I have ever experienced has been in southeast Nebraska. The area is crisscrossed by heavily wooded creek and river bottoms.  The fertile river soils give birth to prolific grain fields.  The creek and river bottoms have dense cover that harbors a myriad of insect life. Water - Grain – Insects – Woods. The ultimate turkey habitat. Consequently, the area has one of the largest populations of Merriam’s, Rio, and Hybrid Turkey in Nebraska. We will hunt exclusively on private land insuring little pressure on the birds. On your guided turkey hunt expect to hunt from quality ground blinds, over the very best turkey decoys and calling techniques available.  Bow hunters, this is a great opportunity to take your trophy bird. Nebraska allows a turkey hunter to take up to three turkeys. Turkey tags are available over the counter from several outlets in the area.

Nebraska Turkey Hunting -

A Typical Day:

A typical day of Nebraska turkey hunting with WyoBraska Turkey Hunts actually starts the evening before your hunt. You and your guide will scout our properties, locate the turkeys, and put them to bed. The following morning you will return to that location. Your guide will determine if you will hunt from Double Bull blinds or take cover in the woods. As the morning progresses, the birds become more responsive to the call. It is hard to describe the excitement when a big tom responds with a loud gobble and comes racing towards you. After you are successful with your first big tom, we are only half way there as this is a 3 bird Nebraska turkey hunt.

Nebraska Spring Turkey Hunts -

ALSO OFFERING: Nebraska Spring Snows

On a typical day's hunt we will meet the morning at a local restaurant for breakfast.  We decide if we are going to hunt one of our water spreads of if we are going to go a field spread.   Our field decoys are all new full body snow and blue goose decoys along with the latest in motion technology.  Our water spreads feature full body snow and blue floaters along with juveniles of both phases.  We hunt over the finest decoy spreads available, period.  And our electronic calling systems are also simply the best.  We want your days in the field with us to be a lasting memory for everyone.  We unload gear at our heated well concealed blind.  The anticipation of hearing the first sounds of migrating geese is one of waterfowl hunting’s great moments.  And then we hear them.  Here they come!  From horizon to horizon geese are on the wing.  Soon we are engulfed in a tornado of spiraling snow geese.  Another perfect waterfowl day is about to unfold!

Nebraska Guided Spring Snow Goose Hunts -

Lodging & Meals

To keep the overall trip of the cost down for our Nebraska turkey hunters we intentionally do not offer an All Inclusive Nebraska turkey hunting package. We will however assist you in making reservations in a clean, comfortable and economical motel within a very close proximity of the grounds you will be hunting. Our hunting propertis are located in southeastern Nebraska. More details can be provided by outfitter JJ Randolph at booking.

As with the lodging, meals are not included in the Nebraska turkey hunt either. There are however several very good, local restaurants available, as well as a grocery store to get lunch and snack items as needed.

Nebraska Hunting Outfitter: JJ Randolph

About The Outfitter:

Hello…my name is Jason Randolph (most folks call me JJ). I have been guiding professionally for 20 years. I have guided turkey hunters for many years in North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska. The finest turkey hunting I have ever experienced has been in southeast Nebraska. We hunt exclusively on private land insuring little pressure on the birds. We will hunt from quality blinds and use the very best decoys and calling techniques.  Bow hunters, this is a great opportunity to take your trophy bird.

Hunting Rates And Packages:

Spring Nebraska Turkey Hunting Packages 

3 Day Spring - 3 Bird Turkey Hunting Packages: $1,200 Per Hunter

This is set up as a 1 on 1 guided turkey hunt but two hunters may hunt together if they desire.
Nebraska turkey hunting licenses are available over the counter and ARE NOT included in the hunt package. These are ALL FAIR CHASE TURKEY HUNTS!

**We Recently Had The Prime Dates Of April 15-17, 2014 become available! These typically are three of the best days of the turkey season. Contact Us As Soon As Possible to reserve your hunt!! 


Wyo-Braska Turkey Hunts

Outfitter: JJ Randolph
Phone: 1.888.902.7843

To Book This Hunt Or For Detailed Information About One Of Wyo-Braska's Nebraska Turkey Hunts, Please Email JJ at:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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Nebraska Turkey Hunting -
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Nebraksa Turkey Hunting -
Nebraksa Turkey Hunting -
Nebraska Turkey Hunting -
Nebraska Turkey Hunting -

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