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New York Waterfowl Hunts
Canada Geese, Puddle Ducks,
Diver Ducks, Sea Ducks


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New York Waterfowl Hunting Adventures -


Elite Long Island Outfitter

Outfitter: Rob Bellini
Phone: 1.888.316.5580
New York Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters Stephen and Rob Bellini

   Elite Long Island Outfitter Offers New York Waterfowl Hunts For~

  • World Class Caliber Sea Duck Hunts Off Long Island, New York
  • World Class Field Canada Goose & Mallard Hunting
  • 100% Dedication Devoted To Your Success And Satisfaction
  • We DO NOT Mix Groups! You Will Hunt With Who You Bring
  • Expect Eiders, Old Squaws, Divers & Brant On Our Sea Duck Hunts
  • Expect To Hunt From Layout Boats On A Very Personable Hunt
  • Expect A Full Service, Safe Hunt With A Professional Outfitter
  • Ask About "The Ultimate Hunt Package" 3 Different Hunts In One Day
  • Now Taking Reservations For The 2015 / 2016 Hunting Seasons

New York Waterfowl Hunt Special:

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New York: Sea Ducks, Puddle Ducks & Canada Geese:

At Elite Long Island Outfitter our goal is to provide an unparralled waterfowl hunting experience. We are located in Long Island, New York.  Many out-of-staters may not consider this a waterfowl mecca but we have a New York waterfowl hunting opportunity that we feel is unmatched anywhere across North America. We have devoted years of hard work to be able to offer 5 different private pond settings for a World Class caliber puddle duck hunting experience. We also have several of the top private Canada goose hunting fields in the entire area with built in pit blinds for added comfort and success. All of our equipment is the best the industry has to offer, to ensure a bag limit on each and every hunt. And finally, last but not least is our AMAZING New York Sea Duck Hunting! With so many different species of Sea Ducks and Diver Ducks off the coast of Long Island, our New York Waterfowl Hunters have the opportunity to harvest Eiders, Brant, Old squaws, Scoters, Canvasbacks, Bluebills, Golden Eyes..... the list goes on and on.

New York Duck Hunting

A Typical Day:

With such a diverse opportunity of so many different waterfowl species at your fingertips, this is truly YOUR HUNT! We can accommodate most any New York Waterfowl Hunting Adventure that you desire. If you want Big Canada geese back peddling in the decoys DONE! If you prefer mallards over a small private pond- NO PROBLEM! If your more adventurous and want to hunt the coast out of a layout boat set up for Sea Ducks and Diver Ducks – WE CAN DO THAT TOO! AND for the hunter who wants it ALL- We have “The Ultimate Waterfowl Experience!” This is the most action packed day of New York duck hunting you will ever experience. We start off with mallards over one of our top private ponds at sun up. Around 8:30 we quickly transport you up into one of our most productive Canada goose fields to cap off the morning on Giant honkers. Then its in for a quick lunch and out to the bay where we have our Captain waiting to take you out on a New York Guided Sea Duck Hunt like you won’t believe! Our goal is to provide a full limit of: Mallards, Canada geese and a mixture of Sea ducks and Diver ducks all in one day! Trust us when we say you will sleep good at the end of this hunt!!!

New York Goose Hunting Guides -


WHAT ELSE IS THERE? For the Hard Core Waterfowl Hunter- We have it all! Remember, this is not a small operation we run. We have spent years and years perfecting every aspect of each unique and specific New York waterfowl hunting adventure that we offer. From hand picking the best sloughs and ponds in the area, to the most productive grain fields, and having the best equipment from our brand new custom built 28 foot ocean Duck Water boat, to our brand new spread of over 700+ full body Hardcore Canada goose decoys and our high end Bradley pit blinds that can comfortable hunt up to 10 hunters from the same group. We have spared no expense to ensure a SAFE and SUCCESSFUL New York Waterfowl Hunting Experience! We also DO NOT MIX GROUPS of hunters so be assured that you bring with is who you will hunt with BARR NONE! This is your hunt! Our goal is to make it the most memorable and positive duck or goose hunting experience you have ever been on!

New York Sea Duck Hunting -

Lodging & Meals

Lodging and meals are not provided in your daily hunt fee, however Long Island has a large amount of Hotels within minutes of where your waterfowl hunting adventure begins. Outfitter Rob Bellini has several high recommended hotels, motels and B and B’s that he can assist you and your group in making reservations at.

There are also many high recommended restaurants in the area as well to round off an unbelievable New York waterfowl hunting experience!

New York Duck Hunting Outfitter Rob Bellini

About The Outfitter:

For New York professional waterfowl hunting outfitter Robert Bellini, growing up on Long Island’s waterways, waterfowl hunting was a passion instilled in him at a young age. In their youth both Rob and his partner Stephan D'Amico became avid hunters and honed their skills into accomplished outdoorsmen.  Their combined passion for waterfowl hunting and vast knowledge of the game ever present on Long Island served as the backdrop in their desire to share their combined 49 years of experience with other waterfowl hunters from across the country.  Hard work, dedication, scouting birds and simply doing your homework along with offering only the best equipment, boats, and blinds the industry has to offer, is what Elite Long Island Outfitter prides themselves on.

Hunting Rates And Packages:


3 Different waterfowl hunts in one day:

1).  Early morning puddle duck hunt
2).  Later morning field Canada goose hunt

3).  Afternoon Sea duck / Diver duck hunt
1 Hunter daily rate: $1,000
2 Hunter daily rate: $1,800
3 Hunter daily rate: $2,500
4 Hunter daily rate: $3,100
5 Hunter daily rate: $3,600
6 Hunter daily rate: $4,000


New York Fully Guided Canada Goose
And Inland Puddle Duck Hunts:

Adult Hunters- Half Day: $200  Full Day: $350
Kids: Half Day: $150 Full Day: $250
Parties of 4 Hunters: Half Day: $650 ($162.50 per hunter) Full Day: $1,000 ($250 per hunter)

*Morning half day hunts begin ½ half hour before sunrise and end at 11am.
*Afternoon half day hunts begin at noon and end at sunset
*Full day Hunts offer two separate hunts- a morning hunt and an afternoon hunt

New York Fully Guided Sea Duck & Diver Duck Hunts:

Big Boat Duck Hunts:

Groups Of Up To 6 (Full Boat): $1,000 Daily Total

Layout Boat Hunts:
Adult: Half day: $300 Full Day $400
Kinds (Call for special pricing)

* Note: We require a 2 hunter minimum to launch a boat



Elite Long Island Outfitter

Outfitter: Rob Bellini
Phone: 1.888.316.5580

To book this hunt or for detailed information about hunting with Elite Long Island Outfitter, please email Rob at:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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