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Newfoundland Moose Hunting -


Ray's Hunting & Fishing

Outfitter: Ray Broughton
Phone: 1.888.600.0039
Guided Moose Hunts -

   Ray's Hunting And Fishing Big Game Hunts Offer~
  • World's Highest Population Of Moose (3-4 Per Square Mile)
  • 6 Day All Inclusive 1:1 or 2:1 Guided Moose Hunts
  • All Inclusive Packages- Home Cooked Meals And Lodging
  • 98% Successful Harvest Rate On All 2014 Moose Hunts
  • 100% Successful Harvest Rate On All 2014 Caribou Hunts
  • Exceptional Accommodations & Chef Prepared Meals
  • Triennial 2015 Spring Black Bear Hunt- Expect Giants!
  • Now Booking For The 2017 - 2018 Newfoundland Seasons


Newfoundland Moose Hunting

Ray's Hunting & Fishing Lodge offers the finest in Trophy Moose hunting in Eastern Canada. Located in the wild remote wilderness of Newfoundland, our hunters will experience an exceptional Newfoundland Moose hunting adventure in the beautifully rugged landscapes and a tremendous abundance of trophy big game. Ray's Hunting & Fishing Lodge is located in the very same village where moose were first introduced to Newfoundland in the early 1900's. Since the introduction of a handful of moose the population has reached an astonishing number of over 150,000 and the densest population on the continent with numbers averaging 3 - 4 moose per square mile! Bulls with a 40'-50" spread are common, and clients have harvested bulls in the 58" class.  Ray's Hunting & Fishing Lodge welcomes both archery and rifle moose hunters, and a Newfoundland Guided Moose Hunt that will give a serious hunter the adventure that will make memories that will last a lifetime.

Newfoundland Moose Hunting -

A Typical Day:  

A typical routine for any of our Newfoundland moose hunters who are guests at our lodge would be to arrive Sunday, sight in on the archery targets out back, get gear ready for Monday, meet the moose hunting guides and the outfitter. Set out on Monday morning a few hours before sun up to get into a good location prior to sunrise, hunt throughout the day until sun down. Our Newfoundland moose hunting strategy consists of getting up high, glassing and walking within the capabilities of the hunter. Once the animal is harvested, the guide performs all field dressing, retrieves the animal from the field either by Argo, ATV, Truck or pack frame depending on the terrain. He prepares the camp and antlers as requested by the hunter and escorts the hunter to the Meat processing plant with the animal along with cape and antlers if the hunters wishes to have them shipped via Road transport. Some hunters drive and take them back in their personal vehicle, some fly. Once tagged out, some hunters opt to tag along with buddy hunters still hunting or can either sight see some more of the country or can relax at the lodge.

Newfoundland Guided Moose Hunts -

ALSO OFFERING: Black Bear, Woodland Caribou, and Outstanding Fishing!

Black Bear enthusiasts need look no further than Ray's Hunting and Fishing Lodge for an opportunity at a true trophy class Newfoundland Black Bear. Newfoundland bears are huge! 550lb. class spring bears are common with an estimated fall weight of over 700 lbs. There is very real possibility of harvesting a world record black bear. Majestic Woodland Caribou abound as well and Ray's Hunting and Fishing Lodge has the expertise and knowledge necessary to pinpoint Caribou movement, affording the very best possible chance of success with a 100% success rate over the past 12 years! Ray's Hunting and Fishing Lodge is also located on Grand Lake, the largest lake in the province, with access to some of the world's finest landlocked salmon and brook trout fishing. Or fly fish on the nearby Humber River. Either way you're in for a treat when you fish with our licensed guides.

Newfoundland Caribou Hunting -

Lodging & Meals

The main lodge at Ray’s Hunting and Fishing is a modern 8,000 square foot facility located on Grand Lake.   The lodge Provides a warm and comfortable atmosphere with plenty of modern amenities. Get an excellent nights sleep within the six bedroom structure, each with two king-sized beds. Enjoy an excellent dining room, and a common area where you might choose to relax with a game of billiards. Wireless internet access is available, and there is plenty of room to kick back and recap the days hunt

Hunters can expect a hot breakfast served by our camp Chef, a lunch prepared for out in the field and a hot dinner prepared and served upon arrival back into camp at the end of the day. We promise our guests they will not go hungry and plenty of calories will be provided to sustain our guests on an invigorating hunt. Bring a healthy appetite.

Hunting Rates And Packages:

Newfoundland Moose Hunting Packages

All Hunts At Rays Hunting and Fishing Are 6 Day All-Inclusive Hunts
Guided Moose Hunts  - $7,500 / Person
Guided Moose + Black Bear Combo Hunts - $13,500 / Person
Guided Woodland Caribou Hunts - $10,000 / Person
Guided Woodland Caribou + Black Bear Combo Hunts - $13,500 / Person
Guided Moose + Woodland Caribou Hunts - $15,500 / Person 
Guided Moose + Woodland Caribou + Black Bear Hunts - $17,500  
Guided Spring Black Bear Hunts (Two Bear Limit) - $4,500  
Non-Hunter Accompany Rate - $1,500

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Newfoundland Big Game Outfitter - Ray BroughtonAbout The Outfitter:

Outfitter Ray Broughton is now 79 years old but doesn’t act a day over 50. He is in excellent shape physically as well as mentally. Ray still runs the family business with help from his sons. He started the outfitting business over 30 years ago before buying the business for which he was previously a moose hunting guide. He has been an outdoorsman in this area for over 40 years total. All added up, between him and his sons, there is almost 100 years of experience guiding moose hunters in this area.


Ray's Hunting And Fishing

Outfitter: Ray Broughton
Phone 1.888.600.0039

To Book This Hunt Or For Detailed Information About Hunting With Ray's Hunting And Fishing Adventures, Please Email Ray Broughton At:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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