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At we want to make sure that the products that we represent can offer top quality performance for your hunting or fishing trip that you expect. Therefore we are field testing these products in actual hunting and fishing situations in an attempt to offer the highest quality service that we can for you. This has enabled us to make any additional final cuts to products that we feel do not offer the quality that we represent. As you read through the reviews we have conducted, you will notice that all of our products have scored a 26 / 30 product ranking or better. Any product that does not receive a score of at least 26 / 30 will not have their review posted on the website but be assured that they have also been removed from our service. Therefore, as you read through our reviews enjoy what we have experienced and be assured that your next addition of hunting or fishing equipment will definitely help you to be successful in the field!

NOTICE: So that we can continue to work with the best hunting and fishing equipment available and give you a detailed description of our experiences, please let any company that you contact through our service know that you read their review on the website.

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DOA Decoys - Floater Decoys
DOA Decoys Official Product Review -
We field tested the new DOA Decoys - Canada goose and Mallard floater decoys for an entire hunting season. We started in the Early Goose Season in September with the Canada goose floaters and ran them through freeze up in late November on wary Canada geese and late season greenheads. We were very impressed with the results. Not only did the decoys hold up well, but the results were amazing! Click on the image to read the full product review!
MudBob Water WalkerMudBob Water Walker Official Product Review -
We had a chance to field test the new MudBob Water Walker for an entire hunting season. We were very impressed to say the least. It not only allowed us to access to very hard to reach hunting spots, but also allowed us to paddle across open water and made hiding once we reached our destination a breeze. The biggest selling point was we killled ducks using the product!
Click on the image to read the entire product review!

OZTENT'S Camping Sleep System

OZTENT Official Product Review -

We had an opportunity to field test the OZTENT camping sleep system on a recent winter elk hunting trip to the Colorado Rockies in November. Based out of a wall tent camp, we were able to put the OZTENT Rivergum fleece lined sleeping bag and self-inflating air foam filled mattress to the ultimate test. Sleep was much needed on this 8 day adventure and the OZTENT sleeping system did not fail. Click on the image to read the full product review!

SilloSock's Ghilli Blind

SilloSocks Ghilli Blinds Product Review
During a successful spring snow goose hunt we had the chance to field test the new SilloSock's Ghilli Blind and found it to be a great addition our field hunting arsenal. The unique design of the three piece blind is made up of a corregated plastic backboard, the nylon liner and the Ghilli blanket. The lightweight, easy going backpack also gives you the ability to carry it on my back for miles. Click on the image to read the full review...
BIPOD Shooting Sticks
Bi-Pod Shooting Sticks Product Review

We had an opportunity to field test the new BIPOD Shooting Sticks this summer at a local shooting facility. Before using the sticks we zeroed in a 30-06 dead on at 50 yards and 2 inches high at 100 yards. At that point we brought out the BIPOD Shooting Sticks and here is what we found- Click on the image to read the full product review!

WildEar Hearing Boosters

WildEar Hearing Boosters Product Review
We recently had the opportunity to field test the WildEar hearing boosters while at a gun range as well as on a hunt and were immediately impressed. "It was almost shooting light when I heard a snap and I was able to see a doe and a fawn. The amplification was incredible. When they stepped into the open I was able to range them at 137 yards. They sounded like they were 30 feet away!" Click on the image to read the full product review.

SilloSock Decoys

Sillosock Decoys Product Review
“We have been using Sillosock decoys exclusively for over 7 spring seasons now and have consistently harvested great numbers of light geese each season. On average we run between spreads of 1,500 – 2,000 decoys but have run as few as 700 and seen great results. What I really like about the new version of the Sillosock decoys is the new hook stake system that makes sure the stakes do not pull out of the decoys. Click on the image to read the full product review.
Spirit Water Decoys
Spirit Water Decoys Product Review
The three aspects that we felt sets the Spirit Water Decoys apart from the crowd are: the outrigger keel system which allows the decoy to sit much low in the water, the high density foam bodies allow for a higher quality material and no chance of a sinking decoy, and third and most important is the fully flocked and custom hand painted finish on every decoys. The flocking material gives the UV light presence that is much more natural. Click on the image for the full review...

Rig 'Em Right
Waterfowl Products

Rig 'Em Right Waterfowl Products
We were able to field test four of the top Rig ‘Em Right Waterfowl Hunting Products. Those included two of the decoy anchor systems: the 30” length anchors and the 54” length anchors. We also field tested two of the decoy bags: the DP3 XL Decoy Bag and the 12-Slot Full Body Duck Decoy Bag. Click on the image to read the full product review.

Mathews Archery Products
Helim Solocam Bow

Mathews Archery Product Review Helim Bow
We had a chance to field test the Mathews Helim Solocam Bow and WOW what a bow. From the first time we shot the bow after it was paper sighted in, it felt like a a perfect fit. It has a smooth draw and a clean release. we couldn't have been more happy with the results. Click on the image to read the full product review!
Peregrine Field Gear

Peregrine Field Gear Quick Shot Product Review
We recently had the opportunity to field test the Peregrine Field Gear Quick-Shot during a late season pheasant hunt and were extremely impressed with it performance. Overall we felt the Quick-Shot by Peregrine Field Gear was a great product and something that we will continue to use in the field during the next hunting seasons. We would highly recommend the Quick-Shot for any serious upland bird or waterfowl hunter! Click on the image to read the full product review.
HHA Sports Archery Sites

HHA Sports Archery Sites Review

We felt that the DS-XL5519 site by HHA Sports was incredible. There were no concerns with the attachment to the bow frame and there is not a chance for pins to loosen and slip with the single pin infused attached system. The overall construction of the site, with the inset level system and the adjustable distance wheel really make this site a work of art! Overall we have yet to find a down side to the DS-XL5519 archery site by HHA Sports. With the fantastic company reputation & customer service to back this amazing product line. Click On The Image For The Full Review...

The Goose Tree
By The Smart Stick Company

Goose Tree Product Review
We had a chance to not only field test The Goose Tree through an entire season of hunting Canada geese in western Wisconsin, but was also able to spend time with and hunt with the inventor of the product Larry Juhl. In discussing The Goose Tree product with Larry we learned several key factors in its effectiveness before we went out into the field. Click on the image to read the full product review.

Dave Smith Decoys
Canada Goose Decoys

Dave Smith Decoys Product Review
We have been field testing the older original model of the lesser DSD Canada goose decoys through the past few hunting seasons and have incorporated the new A.C.E. Technology DSD Canada goose decoys this last fall to see how they compared to the original version. With an extremely impressive field test we definately would recommend the Dave Smith Decoys! Click on the image to read the full review...
Assassin Hunting Gear
Premier Hunting Apparel
Assassin Hunting Gear Review By
We recently had the opportunity to field test the full line of Assassin Hunting Gear's terrific hunting products in north eastern South Dakota during a spring snow goose hunt in April. Which has many hunters know battling the elements during a hunt like this is never easy. The tough, durable, and comfortable Assassin Hunting Gear proved to be extremely successful! Click on the image to read the full product review.
Twisted Timber Treestands
Big Bruiser

Twisted Timber Treestands Review by

During the recent hunting season we had the opportunity to test Twisted Timber Treestands! Immediately we saw that the ingenious design to be able to hang the treestand in virtually any tree that we could find was going to be a huge advantage. Our first thought was of all the locations we had wanted to put a stand in over the past few years, but had not been able to due to the tree not being straight, not a problem anymore! Click on the image to read the full product review.

Feather Flyers Products
FlyRight Decoy Machine

Feather Flyer Products FlyRight Decoy Machine

We had an opportunity to hunt over the New Flyright Decoy Rotary Machines during the last spring snow goose season and really put the product to the test! We hunted over what would be considered the toughest hunting conditions possible, late season spring snow geese in April, in South Dakota. We field tested the Flyright Decoy Machine over a 3 day hunting period using a 6 bird machine set up next to a 9 bird machine during our hunt. Click on the image to read the full product review.

Dave Smith Decoys
Turkey Decoys

Dave Smith Decoys Turkey Decoys Product Review
We recently had the opportunity to field test the Dave Smith Turkey Decoy hen model and we were extremely impressed. The first attribute that we liked was how easy it was to transport in and out of our hunting location. The experience that we had while in the blind proved to us that this a must have decoy! In addition with the new A.C.E Technology the decoy is virtually indestructable. Click on the image to read the full product review.

Full Curl Duck Decoys
By Aero Outdoors

Full Curl Duck Decoys Product Review
We have been field testing the Full Curl mallard duck decoys for several hunting seasons. There are several key factors that we feel set these decoys apart over the traditional Brand X duck decoys that are available in most major sporting good stores. After a great hunt to field test these decoys we give the Full Curl Duck Decoys by Aero Outdoors the official stamp of approval! Click on the image to read the full product review.

S.W.O.M.P Mud Motors
By Backwater Inc.

Backwater Inc. S.W.O.M.P Mud Motors Product Review
We have been able to use a variety of different mud motors and comparing Backwater Inc. S.W.O.M.P Mud Motors to other mud motor brands we were extremely impressed with its performance. Initially the ease of starting the motor with an electronic start system verse a pull start system was not only very simple but is reliable as well. With the impressive speed through open water or through weeds you waste very little time getting to your hunting spot! Click on the image to read the full product review.

Shine Box
Turkey Calls

Shine Box Turkey Calls Product Review
We first met call maker Eric Rice just after he won the 2011 Minnesota State Turkey Calling Championship. We were not only impressed with what Eric had accomplished but more so with the fact that he had done it with his own line of calls. Eric’s calls completely customized, they offer a very unique and authentic sound quality not available from many of the calls on the market today. Most importantly though, they are extremely effective in the field! Click on the image to read the full product review.

Swanson's Versatile
Pocket Hand Warmer

Versitale Hand Warmer Pocket Product Review
In our use of the Versatile Hand Warmer Pocket, we utilized the product during several cold weather waterfowl hunting conditions. However the fact that it is so versatile, as the name states, we found that it is extremely valuable in keeping your hands warm in most all cold temp hunting conditions, including deer hunting, upland hunting as well as ice fishing activities. Click on the image to read the full product review.

Wild Wing Slinger Bird Cleaner

Wild Wing Slinger Bird Cleaner
The Wild Wing Slinger is a bird cleaning device that has been field tested in SE Nebraska since the first spring snow goose conservation season started in 1998. The process of cleaning birds with this device is a fast, efficient and safe method. The end result is a clean breast of meat with a fully feathered wing attached to the breast bone which is legal for transport. A simple pull of the lever you have a cleaned bird! Click on the image to read the full product review.

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