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Named The 2006 Outfitter Of The Year!
High Prairie Lodge & Outfitters

Outfitter: Dave Ciani
Phone: 1.888.300.5942
South Dakota Duck Hunting Outfitter Dave Ciani

     High Prairie’s South Dakota Waterfowl Hunts Offer~
  • World Class Caliber Late Season Hot Springs Mallard Hunts
  • Heated Pit Blinds Over Private Hot Springs For Big Greenheads
  • All Inclusive Hunt Package With 5 Star Meals And Lodging Included

  • Late Season Canada Goose Hunts On The Missouri River (Dec - Feb)

  • Also Offering South Dakota Quail / Waterfowl Combo Hunts

  • Now Taking Reservations For 2017 / 2018 Waterfowl Seasons

  • Non-Resident Waterfowl Hunters Need To Apply By July 2017

  • Non-Resident Licenses Over The Counter On Canada Goose Hunts


South Dakota Mallard Hunting

At High Prairie Lodge And Outfitters, expert
South Dakota duck hunting guide Dave Ciani has put together an amazing late season private Hot Springs / Corn Field Mallard hunting opportunity. Located in Whitetwood, SD- Dave has attained several late season honey holes that winter over 20,000 Mallards annually. Dave has installed heated pit blinds overlooking a Hot Springs pond set up for an World Class mallard hunting opportunity. In addition to the Hot Springs South Dakota guided duck hunt Dave has access to several prime corn field locations in the region that are successful year after year. With the High Prairie Lodge a short distance away Dave has an All Inclusive South Dakota Duck Hunt Package with 5 Star Lodging and Meals available for his hunters. Dave can also incorporate a fantastic Waterfowl / Upland Bird Combo Hunt for Quail, Huns and Pheasants. Please call for details on this incredible opportunity! (Note: Non-resident hunters need to submit their applications by mid July 9, 2015).

South Dakota Duck Hunting -

Missouri River Canada Goose Hunts (Dec-Jan)

In addition to our fantastic South Dakota duck hunts, Dave can also put together a World Class caliber Late Season Canada goose hunt along the breaks of the Missouri River near Pierre. The three aspects that make this an outstanding hunt are that: first the area hosts over 100,000 Canada geese all winter long that stay right on the Missouri River. Next, the goose season stays open until mid February each year so the hunting season can be extended well after the first of the year. And finally, and most importantly for some, Non-Resident Hunting Licenses can be purchased over the counter!!! Please call Dave ASAP for details on this amazing late Season South Dakota Canada Goose Hunt!

South Dakota Canada Goose Hunting -

ALSO OFFERING: South Dakota Quail Hunting


We have put together a unique and spectacular South Dakota Quail Hunting opportunity. The High Prairie Lodge is nestled into the Black Hills of South Dakota with thousands of acres of PRIVATE ground available for your hunt! We have raised all of the bobwhite quail on our properties, on site. They have now been living on the grounds for several years and ARE NOT simply released prior to your hunt. This offers a True Wild Quail Hunting type experience for our South Dakota Upland Bird Hunters. We also have Hungarian partridge on site as well, for a very unique upland bird combo hunt. Tie that together with a late season Mallard Hunt on our Private Hot Springs set up conducted out of a heated pit blinds and you have the makings for a World Class caliber South Dakota wingshooting experience!

South Dakota Quail Hunting -

Lodging & Meals

During your hunt, you will most likely stay at the High Prairie Lodge which is what we offer for all of our Black Hills Hunts. This is our premier on-site 1890's Stone House. It is a fully modernized lodge style bed and breakfast with all of the amenities. Teresa Ciani runs the lodge and is a fantastic cook. She is the full time chef at the beautiful 1890 stone lodge.

The meals and atmosphere at the lodge truly make the trip relaxing and complete. After a long day of hunting the hills chasing your game of choice, it is most delightful to enjoy an evening in the jacuzzi after a 5 course home prepared meal. Trust it is not possible to hike enough miles in a day to burn off 3 square meals prepared by Dave’s wonderful wife Teresa.

Hunting Rates And Packages:

South Dakota Waterfowl Hunt Packages:

Note: Outfitter Dave Ciani can accommodate most any group size or length of stay and can also put together any specific waterfowl hunt package that you are looking for. From motel lodging to cut back on costs, to an All Inclusive 5 Star Lodging and Meals Package.

 Dave also has several waterfowl / upland bird combo hunt packages available for quail, pheasant and huns. Please contact Dave for more details on the specific hunt package of choice.

Outfitter: Dave Ciani
About The Outfitter:

Outfitter Dave Ciani has been a professional South Dakota waterfowl hunting guide for over 20 years and has been named one of The Top 100 Outfitters In North America. Dave has spent over 3 decades working on locking up high quality, pristine South Dakota waterfowl hunting locations for his hunters and has just finished his latest creation with the new Black Hills Hot Springs Mallard Hunt! Dave has several locations across the state to assure that all of his customers have an opportunity to experience a World Class South Dakota Waterfowl Hunt! Dave boasts that Nobody will work harder for you than High Prairie Lodge and Outfitters!


High Prairie Lodge And Outfitters

Outfitter: Dave Ciani
Phone: 1.888.300.5942

To Book This Hunt Or For Detailed Information About Hunting With High Prairie Lodge And Outfitters, Please Email Dave At:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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South Dakota Goose Hunting - HuntTheNorth.comSouth Dakota Duck Hunting -
South Dakota Goose Hunting - HuntTheNorth.comSouth Dakota Duck Hunting -

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