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Official Product Review Score: 28 / 30 "A Rating"

  • Functionality     5 / 5
  • Durability     5 / 5
  • Effectiveness     5 / 5
  • Variety     5 / 5
  • Price     3 / 5
  • Overall Product Satisfaction     5 / 5

   A. Functionality -

5 / 5

Functionally this decoy is among the top rated decoys on the market. The only downside is that it is not collapsible. Other than that it is virtually indestructible and is in our opinion heads and shoulders above any decoy on the market as far as how realistic the decoy looks in the field.

   B. Durability -

5 / 5

Again, with the new A.C.E. Technology and being a one piece decoy there is virtually nothing to go wrong with the decoy. Nothing to break, no paint to get scraped off and as long as the stake that is also stainless steel, doesn’t get lost, nothing to go wrong. Also a very quick set up time and the decoy can be placed directly on the ground for a super quick set up on a Hot Tom!

   C. Effectiveness -

5 / 5

Overall, even though we were unable to get on a Tom, from a human point of view, we feel this decoy looks the best out of any decoy on the market. The fact that we had a live hen come up and peck the decoy during our field testing shows the real birds seem to feel the same way. The paint detail and body shape are amazing.

   D. Variety -

5 / 5

I think there is no question that the variety of turkey decoys that the DSD line up offers is incomparable. With 3 hen decoys including one in the specific submissive pose, along with a Jake and a big gobbler decoy. I think they have covered all the bases.

   E. Price -

3 / 5

If there is a downside to the DSD Turkey decoys it would have to be the cost. At $119.00 per decoy along with shipping, this is definitely an investment. However if you look at it from the stand point of an investment in a successful hunt that usually only comes around one weekend a year for most turkey hunters, this is money well spent and the decoy should last a lifetime.

   F. Overall Product Satisfaction -

5 / 5

Overall, as with all of the DSD Decoys we were completely satisfied with the product that they have put on the market. Being Made In The USA doesn’t hurt either. We have the utmost confidence in putting a DSD Decoy in front of any bird no matter what time of year (early or late season hunting). In our opinion the best turkey decoy on the market today.

Product Field Testing
by Dan Johnson

We recently had the opportunity to field test the Dave Smith Turkey Decoy hen model and we were extremely impressed. The first attribute that we liked was how easy it was to transport in and out of our hunting location. Whether you use the decoy bag that is provided with each decoy or using your own, the size and simple set up tool makes moving the decoy in and out of your spot very easy. In addition with the new A.C.E Technology the decoy is virtually indestructable.

The second attribute that we thought was helpful during the hunt was that it took less than thirty seconds to set up. Using the single stake set up system, there is nothing more to getting the decoy ready than taking it out of the bag and placing it on the stake. While the ground we were hunting on was both dry and wet during our hunt, each time there was no problem pushing in the stake to the desired depth that we wanted. It also was key that with the slightest wind the decoy would move back and forth creating added realism from the movement.

The third attribute that was impressive on the hunt was overall how truly realistic the decoy proved it was. We had multiple hens within a hundred yards of our blind and none were spooked by the decoy, (which as many turkey hunters know can sometimes do more harm than good). The decoy was so life like that we actually had a hen come within five feet of our blind and head straight for the decoy. It proceeded to start clucking at it while looking it over. If that was not enough she gave the decoy a few pecks on the head and the back multiple times too, I can only guess show dominance over the strange new bird in her territory.

Although we were hunting the last season and did not have an opportunity to harvest a gobbler this hunting season, there is no doubt that the decoy will do a fantastic job and is in our opinion the most realistic decoy on the market today! Over all we were very impressed with the field testing of the Dave Smith Turkey Decoy, and look forward to using it again next year!


- Most lifelike and effective turkey decoys on the market in our opinion

- DSD Company has the reputation of excellent customer service

- All Products Made in the USA - very rare to find these days

- New A.C.E. Model much more durable than the original models with same paint detail

- We found these turkey decoys to offer the best decoying results on late season birds

- With 5 different decoys available there is always a decoy for every situation available

- The new durable body style makes it much easier to transport and is indestructible

- The new A.C.E. Technology decoys care a much lighter weight decoy

- The wide variety of body positions gives added effectiveness to the hunt

- When the stakes are upright and straight, the decoy moves very well in light wind

- Steel stakes drive into even the hardest ground with a small sledge if needed


- The upfront cost for a DSD turkey decoy is the main concern, this is definitely an investment but well worth it

- These decoys can only be purchased from DSD Company located in Oregon, there is also an additional shipping cost

- Transporting your new DSD turkey decoy is a little more difficult as it is not collapsible but it does come with a carrying bag

- They are so realistic it is definitely a concern that other hunters may mistake the tom decoy for a real bird

Dave Smith Turkey Decoy
DSD Hen Turkey Decoy
Dave Smith Turkey Decoy
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