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Fall Migration Information
2018 Fall Migration Report
Fall Waterfowl Migration Information

At HuntTheNorth.com we are striving to offer you, the avid waterfowl hunter, the most current and accurate information regarding the 2018 Fall Waterfowl Migration as it unfolds.  We will be utilizing numerous information sources to compile our weekly reports.  These information sources include: Weekly waterfowl refuge counts, Current regional weather forecasts and Current field reports from our Elite Waterfowl Hunting Outfitters. In fact you will be able to contact our Top Outfitters directly from our migration reports. All of this information will be available to you every week from Canada to Missouri and everywhere in between. Each hunter will have the ability to piece together themselves exactly where the majority of the birds are each week and what is happening concerning the fall migration as it occurs. Please check back in early October for our first report.  Thank you very much for utilizing our services at HuntTheNorth.com and Good Hunting!!!


Dan Wennerlind