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An Afternoon Under The Old Oak Tree
By Mike Moen

Over Labor Day weekend, a few of us at Hunt The North ventured out to the Clark, South Dakota area to try our hand at some early Canada goose hunting.

When the action slowed on the first morning, Dan thought we should call it quits and head out to visit with the guys at Oak Tree Lodge.  I thought this was great idea as the 90 degree heat and bright sun were starting to turn my blind into a large toaster oven, and sipping a cool beverage in a nice air conditioned lodge sounded better than a serving of "broiled Mike".  So after dropping off our gear, we headed north out of town for the quick ride to Oak Tree.
HuntThe outdoor writer Mike Moen
The Oak Tree Lodge

When we arrived at Oak Tree we were greeted by Bill Hackett and John Luttrel.  Bill offered to give us a tour of the place, so we headed up the hill to take a peek at the enormous new lodge.  The outside of the building somewhat resembles a giant white barn and looks very impressive sitting on top of the hill overlooking the country side.  Bill let us in through the back door and we entered into a large mud room full of lockers where hunters can neatly stow their guns and gear in between hunts.  Bill gave us a little history lesson on the lodge and it's owner Bill Macens.  It seems Mr. Macens enjoys hunting around the world, and uses the Oak Tree lodge as kind of  a trophy room.  The lodge is filled with mounts and skins of animals, including a full body brown bear and a full body mount of the #5 all time fallow deer.

The huge dinning area sits adjacent to the full commercial style kitchen, and consists of several beautiful wood tables and chairs.  Bill is the camp chef, and takes great pride in cooking large delicious meals for the hunters in camp.  Next to the dinning area is the enormous great room which sports a large bar and lots of comfortable seating.  This is a great place to sit back after dinner and relax and swap hunting stories.

Oak Tree Lodge Game RoomOak Tree Lodge Dining Area
After touring the first two levels, Bill directed us up a small spiraling staircase that led to the game room.  This area felt like a fancy sports bar, with a couple of beer taps, dart boards and leather couches and chairs everywhere.  Right off of the game room is a large deck that offers an impressive view of most of the land that Oak Tree owns and hunts.  Including a huge lake that fills up with all sorts of waterfowl in the fall.  In total, Oak Tree owns some 7000 acres of land, and with around 1000 of that in preserve, they can offer outstanding pheasant hunting past the normal season right through to the end of March.

I would definitely say that Oak Tree Lodge is nothing but first class all the way.  The main lodge is the nicest and most comfortable I have ever seen.  As Dan said, it's the kind of place you would want to stay and hang out at even if you weren't hunting. The rooms are comfortable and the food is wonderful.  To say that the pheasant hunting is great is an understatement.  With so much land to hunt, burning out the fields with too many hunters is not a problem as it can be with smaller outfits.  And I can only imagine what the duck hunting is like when the birds start to pile in from the north.  If you're looking for a top of the line pheasant or waterfowl hunt, it just doesn't get any better than Oak Tree Lodge.

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