Wild Ears Hearing BoostersWild Ears Hearing Boosters

28 / 30 "A RATING"

  • Functionality 5 / 5
  • Durability 4 / 5
  • Effectiveness 5 / 5 
  • Variety 4 / 5
  • Price 5 / 5
  • Overall Product Satisfaction 5 / 5

  •    A. Functionality -

    5 / 5

    Hunt The North had a great opportunity to field-test the WildEar Hearing Boosters. Over a 30-day period we tested the WildEar product under a variety of circumstances ranging from hearing protection on the range to in the field hunting for big game as well as upland birds. From a boosting perspective in the field, the slightest sound was easily picked up from over 200 yards away and on the range, the noise suppression was excellent. The custom fit provides true “all-day” comfort. With the amplification down to the lowest level the user forgets they have them in.  

       B. Durability -

    4 / 5

    The product overall seems very durable. The swing open battery compartments seem like they could be a little more solid however we had no trouble with any kind of breakage. The presentation box is very nice, (too nice to carry in the field) but it is great and very impressive at the range.  We recommend using the zipper case when going into the field.

       C. Effectiveness -

    5 / 5

    WildEars are an impressive product. Having both hearing booster capability and sound suppression in one package is incredible. Read the instructions when first wearing them. They have a tendency to have some feedback unless they are turned down to the lowest level upon insertion. Once in place the selection level can be set to the conditions with ease. We had no idea that squirrels and chipmunks were so loud, however WildEars make it easy to distinguish large animals from smaller woodland creatures.

       D. Variety -

    4 / 5

    There are three selections of the WildEar products including Master, Bowhunter, and Shooter series. Hunt the North tested the Master series and found them to be more than adequate for the serious hunter and shooter. Having the combination of hearing enhancement and protection in the same package was a huge plus. Many of our pro staffers are avid bow-hunters and suggested that the hearing protection was not a necessity, however the convenience seemed to out-weigh the price differential.

       E. Price -

    5 / 5

    Upon early discovery of the WildEar product line, our pro-staffers were a little surprised at the investment of $849 for the Master Series. They seemed to be expensive. However after market research we discovered that the WildEar product is very competitively priced. Do not confuse the WildEar products with cheap hearing boosters.  Considering the WildEar custom fit and presentation quality, we found them to be about a third of what one would expect to pay using an audiologist and getting a similar end-product. We also price compared two other companies offering a similar product. WildEar was far less expensive than both.

       F. Overall Product Satisfaction -

    5 / 5

    Overall we were satisfied and impressed with the WildEars. Everything from the initial receipt of the product, the packaging, the custom molding process, and the turn-around time was excellent. There is outstanding support available on the website which is very valuable for the custom molding. They even provide an extra set of silicone in case you mess up the molding. That came in handy. The molding process requires an assistant and be aware that the silicone sets up very quickly. Turn-around time was about two weeks for the finished product. We are really impressed with the custom-engraved presentation display. The customer also is supplied with enough batteries to provide literally thousands of hours of use. 


    - Light weight and much more compact than over-the-ear hearing protection

    - Two products in one with the combination of hearing booster and protection

    - Excellent adjustability with several booster settings

    - Outstanding battery life

    - Custom fit for all-day comfort


    - Somewhat limited variety however we felt that all necessary bases are covered between shooter, archery and master series

    - In cold weather conditions the ear pieces can become cold but not to the point of significant discomfort. A light head band didn’t cause significant limitations to functionality

    WildEar Product Review
    WildEar Product Review
    WildEar Product Review

    Wild Ears Hearing Boosters

    Product Field Testing
    – Rick Janes

    Shortly after contacting owner Zach Meyer, I quickly received  the kit in the mail that is used for the custom fit process. It was quick and easy to obtain perfect molds. Within a couple of weeks my new set of WildEar Hearing Boosters arrived, and just in time for second season mule deer hunt in Colorado.  I was immediately impressed by the custom engraved packaging and couldn’t wait to get them set up for the next day’s hunt.

    Our first stop along the way as always was at the department of wildlife rifle range just outside of Hot Sulpher Springs, Colorado. As my hunting companions were setting up their benches to zero rifles I was quickly able to assemble the WildEars for the range. After a quick review of the directions I was set to go. I couldn’t believe how comfortable they were.  I was spotting for the first shooter and as soon as he squeezed off his .270, I knew that WildEars were a product I would not leave home without on any hunt.  The Sound Guard technology was impressive.

    It snowed that night and the following morning was opening day. We awoke to about 4 inches of fresh snow on the ground. As we split up to go to our individual areas I placed the WildEars in and set them to the second setting. I still couldn’t believe how comfortable they were with the custom fit. I reached my area overlooking a large clearing and got situated. It was almost shooting light when I heard a snap and I was able to see a doe and a fawn.  The amplification was incredible. When they stepped into the open I was able to range them at 137 yards. They sounded like they were 30 feet away!  I pulled the earpieces out and replaced them a few times and the difference was incredible.

    I have used WildEars at the pistol range as well as on a couple of upland bird hunts and I am always impressed the minute I put them in.

    WildEar Product ReviewWildEar Product Review

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