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Reddog Guide Service

Outfitter: Casey Mowers
Phone: 1.888.219.6846
Maine Duck Hunting Guide - Casey Mowers

   Reddog Guide Service's Maine Sea Duck Hunts Offer~

  • Premier Maine Atlantic Eider Hunting Off The Coast Shores
  • Also Hunts For Black Ducks, Golden Eyes, Buffleheads & More
  • Hunts From Rock Shores & From Our 18 Ft Polar Kraft Boat Blind
  • Also Offering early Season Field Canada Goose Hunts
  • In Addition: Maine Ruffed Grouse, Woodcock And Rail Hunting
  • Inquire About Our Incredible Waterfowl / Upland Combos
  • Offering Daily Hunts From $250 Per Hunter (2 Hunter Min)
  • Now Taking Reservations For the 2017 / 2018 Seasons


Maine Sea Duck Hunting:

At Reddog Guide Service captain Casey Mowers offers a World Class caliber Maine sea duck hunting adventure for Atlantic Eiders, Scoters and a wide variety of various puddle ducks and diver ducks. On this Maine guided duck hunt , you will be hunting the infamous Merrymeeting Bay and areas that LL Bean and other famous Maine duck hunters and market hunters have hunted for Black ducks and Mallards. We can also hunt the area beaver bogs and can incorporate a field hunt for Canada geese.  Our Canada goose hunts run in early September in the fields / lakes around the area. Our diver duck hunts for Ringnecks and Golden eyes, Buffleheads and many more take place on the area lakes / bays as well.

Maien Sea Duck Hunting -

A Typical Day:

At Reddog Guide Service we are able to provide a variety of Maine Duck Hunting Adventures, to meet and exceed your expectations.  One of our most popular duck hunts is our Eider Hunt which takes place off the coast shores. We set up two long lines of Eider decoys and decoy in numerous flocks of the beautiful birds until you have limited out. We hunt either out of our 18 ft boat blind or set up our hunters along the rocky shoreline, depending on your choice and comfort level. We also offer some exceptional diver duck and puddle duck hunting in the areas lakes and marshes for Black Ducks and Mallards, Golden eyes and Buffleheads and many more species. We can even provide a spectacular Canada goose hunt if you desire. this is your hunt, you make the call!

Maine Sea Duck Hunting -

Also Offering: Maine Ruffed Grouse & Woodcock Hunting

In addition to our incredible Maine Sea duck hunts, we also offer in exciting Maine upland bird hunting adventure. You will have the opportunity to hunt some of the best ruffed grouse hunting cover in Maine, with thousands and thousands of acres of commercial woodlands. These properties also include old farms and old apple orchards. Our region is also located in a major Woodcock fly way and if timed right you could catch one of the major flights for a World Class caliber Maine Woodcock Hunting Adventure. We also offer professionally trained dogs to hunt over or you are always welcome to bring your own dogs. On an average day you could have between 10 - 20 flushes per day. We can tie this in with an action packed Maine waterfowl / upland combo hunt or book it as a stand alone hunt, your choice!

Maine Grouse Hunting -

Lodging & Meals

Lodging and Meals are not normally included in our Daily Maine Sea Duck Hunts. However during your stay we want to make sure that all of your needs are met. Thus we have several different lodging accommodations available to our Maine duck hunters from friendly and economical motels, to an upper class hotels. We offer the ability to completely customize your next Maine Waterfowl Hunting Adventure to meet your budget and expectations.


We also offer several exceptional recommendations for incredible fresh Maine sea food during your stay to assist in making sure your experience with Reddog Guide Service is one to remember!

Maine Sea Duck Hunting Guide Casey Mowers

About The Outfitter: 

Maine sea duck hunting outfitter - Captain Casey Mowers was actually born in Pennsylvania and joined the Navy in 1989.  From there he obtained orders to Maine in 1994 and has been there ever since.  Casey started waterfowl hunting when he was 12.  When he came to Maine, Casey took advantage of the bountiful hunting opportunities for Ducks, Turkey sand Upland Birds. Casey has also fished in tournaments around the state on different bodies of water and now

offers guided fishing trips in the area as well.  Casey truly enjoys hunting and fishing and likes to teach people as much as he can about the sport. Casey says that it has gotten to the point now where he enjoys showing his customers how to hunt and fish more than he does doing it himself. That is why he chose to become a Maine sea duck hunting and fishing guide. He also enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge about the history that the great state of Maine has to offer.

Hunting Rates And Packages:

Maine Sea Duck Hunting And Canada Goose Hunting Packages:

Full Day Waterfowl Hunts: $250.00 per hunter (2 hunters)
                                              $350 per hunter (Single hunters)
                                              $200 per hunter (3 or more hunters)

Please call for Combo Waterfowl / Upland Bird Hunt Package Options

Maine Upland Bird Hunting Packages:

Full Day All Inclusive Hunts: $300 per hunter
Half Day Hunts Available (Please call for details)


Reddog Guide Service

Outfitter: Casey Mowers
Phone: 1.888.219.6846

To book this hunt or for detailed information about hunting with Reddog Guide Service, please email us at:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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