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North Dakota Duck Hunting -


Top Gun Guide Service

Outfitter: Matt Kostka
Phone: 507.696.0208
North Dakota Hunting Outfitter Matt Kostka

   Top Gun Guide Service’s North Dakota Waterfowl Hunts Offer~

  • Completely Customizable North Dakota Waterfowl Hunts
  • World Class Caliber North Dakota Pothole & Field Duck Hunts
  • In Your Face Grain Field, Decoying Canada Goose Hunts
  • Snow Goose Hunts Over Massive Decoys Spreads In Fresh Fields
  • Offering Hunts In Three Regions Of North Dakota For Higher Success
  • All Inclusive Or Economical Hunts Available To Fit Your Group's Needs
  • Now Taking Reservations For The 2014 / 2015 North Dakota Seasons


North Dakota Waterfowl Hunts

As always Top Gun takes the approach to North Dakota duck hunting and goose hunting, as we do in all of our other locations.  Our scouting is not only a daily activity but a year round job that we watch the nesting and migratory patterns for the upcoming seasons. We scout based on the location of birds and also areas that we feel birds are going to funnel through before they arrive during the migration. Geese and especially Ducks in North Dakota change their habits every year to changing conditions such as water, food, hunting pressure, flooded areas, hail damaged crops, etc.

Our fall guided duck hunts and goose hunts run from the first week of October thru the first week of December.  We hunt for geese in the morning (Canada's and Snow Geese) and ducks in the afternoon (Mallards, Pintails, Widgeon) unless you limit out in the morning on both. We field hunt 95% of the time to allow the water to hold birds. We also offer North Dakota upland bird hunting to substitute the afternoon duck / goose hunt (fair chase wild birds).

North Dakota Duck Hunting -

A Typical Day:

We offer several North Dakota duck hunting and goose hunting locations, all which are within three hours of the Fargo airport.  Those areas are around the towns of: Devils Lake, Jamestown and Rugby, ND. When you arrive you will settle in the night before your guided hunt and in the morning where you will follow your guide to the field.  We use very large decoys sets for snow goose hunts that consist of high end windsocks (1200+).  Canada goose hunts are all full body decoys with flocking.  North Dakota duck hunts are usually field hunts for mallards using full body duck decoys or high end wind sock decoys (300+) for the late season push of the large concentration of mallards. We typically hunt geese in the morning and ducks in the afternoon. If we limit out on both ducks and geese in the morning, we will run an afternoon upland bird hunt.

North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting -
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Please email me for more details on any of our additional premier waterfowl hunts
North Dakota Waterfowl Hunts -

Lodging & Meals

For all of our North Dakota Duck Hunting and Goose Hunting Packages, we have several different lodging and meal packages, from local motels and restaurants that are not included in a daily hunt fee, to an “All Inclusive” North Dakota Waterfowl Hunting Package at a five star caliber lodge with home cooked meals. This area of the hunt is completely customizable to your group's needs. Contact outfitter Matt Kostka for options and details.

Hunting Rates And Packages:

At Top Gun we offer a wide range of North Dakota duck hunting and goose hunting rates and packages. Each package will have food and lodging available. We have purposely left our prices off of the listing due to the fact that we do not want the price of the hunt to hinder your ability to join us. We are able to customize any hunt to meet your needs including the overall cost of the hunt.  We can have dinner and cocktails ready for you when you get back to the lodge or we can have a grill with propane and an RV hookup for you, if you are self sufficient. Please contact outfitter Matt Kostka and share with him any specific details that are important to you and your groups and Matt will do his best to make it happen!

North Dakota Hunting Outfitter Matt Kostka

About The Outfitter:

Top Gun has been offering hunts since 1998!  I am owner/outfitter Matt Kostka. I am an all waterfowl outfitter that follows the migration of snow geese for up to 9 months of the year. I hunt every species of waterfowl in five mid-western states and Saskatchewan.  I currently am licensed in four zones in Saskatchewan, Canada and have a multi-zone outfitter's license in North Dakota that allows me to hunt the entire state. I also run hunts in Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas and South Dakota.

I specialize in the field hunting of snow geese, mallards, and Canada's.  I have camps is Saskatchewan and North Dakota for duck hunting and goose hunting packages. Once those areas freeze up we move south ending in Kansas and Missouri.  When the spring rolls around I hunt in N.W. Missouri and N.E. Kansas where we have been hunting for the last 9 seasons.  I offer hunts near Squaw Creek NWR.  I currently have a 100+ person lodge available just minutes from the refuge that provide food, recreation, and has a full service bar.  I also have 9 years of farmer / outfitter relationships that give us endless amount of land leases. After Missouri / Kansas we jump up to South Dakota, North Dakota, and end our season back up in Saskatchewan. All of these locations including our North Dakota duck hunting packages, are run out of hotels and lodges. We have excellent success rates on decoying snows in each location and they are all comparable to each other.


Top Gun Guide Service

Outfitter: Matt Kostka
Phone: 507.696.0208

To book this hunt or for detailed information about hunting with Top Gun Guide Service, please email Matt at:

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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