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Washington Waterfowl Hunting
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Named The 2010 HuntTheNorth.com Outfitter Of The Year!
Pacific Wings Prairie Outfitters

Outfitter: Mike Franklin
Phone: 1.888.610.2334

Snow Goose Hunting Outfitter Mike Franklin

   Pacific Wings Washington Waterfowl Adventures Offers~ 

  • Premier Mallard Hunting In Private Flooded Corn Fields
  • Expect To See Up To 100,000 Mallards During Your Hunt 
  • Aluminum Pit Blinds Complete With Electricity & Heat
  • Aerators On Our Private Ponds To Ensure Open Water All Season
  • 12 Private Exclusive Properties Managed For Season Long Success  
  • Close Up Decoying Mallard Shooting- 20 Yards Or Less
  • 90% Of Groups Season Long Harvest Limits Of Greenheads Daily
  • Also Offering Exceptional Field Canada Goose Hunting
  • Now Booking For The 2020 / 2021 Washington Waterfowl Seasons


Washington Duck Hunting

Our Washington guided duck hunts offer an excellent opportunity for fast-paced, up close and personal decoying Mallards! We have 12 private flooded corn field ponds fully equipped with aerators and permanent blinds to ensure our hunter’s success all season long. Since we only hunt 2 – 3 ponds per week we can sustain large flocks of mallards roosting on our ponds all season long, which ensures success day in and day out. Our Washington duck hunting season runs from November – January 31. In 2011 90% of our duck hunters took limits of big greenheads on a daily basis. The majority of the shots are within 20 yards making for clean easy kill shots and many happy hunters!  In addition to our exceptional mallard hunting we also offer high quality Canada goose hunts over hand crafted taxidermy decoys and heated pit blinds. Whatever you enjoy most our goal is a High Quality Washington Waterfowl Hunt for you this fall!

Washington Duck Hunting - HuntTheNorth.com

A Typical Day:

We will pick you and your group up at one of the area’s finest hotels. From there we are headed on a short drive right up to the blind where you can walk up and get comfortable in your permanent blind set up overlooking a small 1 – 3 acre flooded corn pond set up. More than likely we will be busting out 2,500+ mallards that have been roosting there for the past week as we rest 9 of our 12 private ponds all week preparing for your Washington duck hunt. As we get the decoys set, ducks will more than likely be landing and taking off, your heart will be racing… As soon as legal shooting time comes you are more than ready. The majority of our hunters target greenheads only as we will have ample opportunity to harvest a full limit of 7 mallards per day. Your hunt will last as long as it takes to harvest a limit. Some groups finish up in a couple hours, and as it is hunting some days it takes until early afternoon to finish up. If you bring a group of 4+ hunters you will get the blind / pond to yourself.

Washington Duck Hunting Guides - HuntTheNorth.com
ALSO OFFERING: Canada Goose Hunts

All of our Washington goose hunting at Pacific Wings is conducted over mounted geese, commonly called "stuffers" as decoys and heated pit blinds. Our clients are encouraged to be involved in preparation for the day's hunt by assisting the guide in setting the decoys. The realism of these decoys is an essential part of the consistent success that clients of Pacific Wings enjoy. Unlike plastic decoys, these are not limited to a very few poses, and they do not glare or otherwise look unnatural in strong sunlight. During the hunt, your guide will take care of all the calling and other details of the hunt. All of our guides have many years of experience calling and hunting geese. Their expertise in decoy placement, "reading" the birds and calling guarantees that most hunters will enjoy a lot of fast action and close shooting. While no hunt is guaranteed, a large majority of our hunters do take their full limit of 4 geese. We also offer the opportunity of a multiple day combo duck / goose hunt.

Washington Goose Hunting - HuntTheNorth.com

Lodging & Meals

We know that to truly enjoy your hunt, a comfortable night's rest is essential. To make that possible, we have arranged special reduced pricing with a fine area hotel. The hotel sits just yards from the Columbia River, and it is possible to watch waterfowl on or near the river from some of the rooms. The hotel offers many amenities including a quality restaurant. Quick access to the freeway system from the hotel makes your early morning commute to the hunt site easy.

Your meals will be accommodated for by our local area restaurants. We have many options in the area, from fine dining, down to an economical meal. Specific requests are always taken into consideration in an attempt to offer the overall experience that you desire.

Depending on the package you and your group elect to participate on, the lodging may or may not be included in the price of your hunt. Meals are normally not included in the price of our Washington hunts.

Our Saskatchewan hunts are “All Inclusive” and offer a full on-site lodging and meal plan.

Washington Duck Hunting Outfitter Mike Franklin

About The Outfitter

Outfitter Mike Franklin began waterfowling as a young man in the area around Spokane, Washington. He began hunting ducks with friends and relatives, but in the 1970's the goose bug bit him hard. In order to learn the ways and language of Canadian geese, Mike spent weeks camped out on the Columbia River and practiced his goose calling until he could hold an intelligent conversation with the local goose population. Mike began guiding in the middle 70's and founded Pacific

Wings in 1986. While running a guide service is what really keeps him occupied, Mike also has a love of restoring neglected property back into productive wetlands. In the 90's Mike restored a 2,000 acre property near the Tri-Cities, WA. He took a cattle ranch, which only had the capacity to hunt 10-12 Washington duck hunters daily, and developed new ponds and blinds until the property had 40 blinds and could easily accommodate over 100 hunters who would all be able to shoot limits of mallards on the same day. Mike has moved his interest to another neglected ranch in central Washington and is in the process of restoring wetlands and duck hunting areas on a 7,500-acre property. Mike also controls an 11,000-acre farm outside of Richland, WA. Mike has developed duck hunting areas on this farm, which have been featured on the Northwest Hunter television show, ESPN, Wing & Shot and Wildfowl magazines. With proper management of waterfowl populations and rehabilitation of wetlands, Mike is able to provide countless hours of enjoyment for the people who love the sport of waterfowl hunting as much as he does.

Hunting Rates And Packages:

Washington Waterfowl Hunt Packages:

Daily Duck or Goose Hunt- 1 daily hunt- $325.00 per person
Daily Waterfowl Combo Hunt- 2 hunts per day- $500.00 per person
3 Day No Hassle Hunting Package - goose & duck hunts- $1,500.00 per person
5 Day No Hassle Hunting Package - goose & duck hunts- $2,475.00 per person
Package includes guide, license, waterfowl stamps, bird processing and lodging in a fine Tri-Cities hotel. One hunt per day.


Pacific Wings Waterfowl Adventures

Outfitter: Mike Franklin
Phone: 1.888.610.2334
Website: pacific-wings.net

To Book This Hunt Or For Detailed Information About Hunting With Pacific Wings Waterfowl Adventures, Please Email Mike at: pacificwings@huntthenorth.com

Please Be Sure To Include The Best Contact Phone Number As Well As Any Specific Details That Are Important To You Or Your Group And We Will Assure A Prompt Response!

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Washington Duck Hunting - HuntTheNorth.comWashington Duck Hunting - HuntTheNorth.com
Washington Duck Hunting Guides - HuntTheNorth.comWashington Duck Hunting Guides - HuntTheNorth.com
Washington Goose Hunting Guides - HuntTheNorth.comWashington Duck Hunting Guides - HuntTheNorth.com

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